International Law and Diplomacy

Selected Writings by Ambassador Andrew Jacovides

During his long career in the Foreign Service of his native Cyprus, Ambassador Andrew Jacovides has combined the practice of diplomacy with an abiding interest in international law. Having been an outstanding student at the University of Cambridge and Harvard Law School, he represented the Republic of Cyprus from its inception at the United Nations, other international organizations, in Washington, D.C. (rising to the position of Dean of its Diplomatic Corps) and to just reunited Germany, among other postings. Parallel to this, he has been an active international lawyer, contributing to the promotion of international law at such major conferences as the Law of Treaties and the Law of the Sea, as a three-term elected member of the U.N. International Law Commission, and at the Legal (Sixth) Committee of the General Assembly. He has also been a UNCC Commissioner, a Dormant Swiss Accounts Tribunal and ICSID (World Bank) Arbitrator and a banker (Bank of Cyprus). International Law and Diplomacy is a distillation of his contribution to international law and diplomacy for the past half century. It will provide useful insights for international lawyers, diplomats, United Nations officials, and students of public affairs. It is also a must read for those interested in the Cyprus problem.


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Biographical Note

Andrew Jacovides, having been a top scholar at Cambridge University and Harvard Law School, has made substantial published contributions to public international law (including Law of Treaties, Law of the Sea, State Responsibility, U.N. Peacekeeping, Dispute Resolution), parallel to being an outstanding career diplomat at the United Nations and major world capitals. He is currently an arbitrator, a banker and an academic (specializing in the Law of the Sea), with a continuing keen interest in public affairs.

Table of contents

Foreword by Dame Rosalyn Higgins
Introduction: Careers in Diplomacy and International Law

State Responsibility
State Responsibility: Reflections on the ILC’s Draft Articles

Law of Treaties
Treaties Conflicting with Peremptory Norms of International Law and the Zurich-London ‘Agreements’
The Role of International Law in the World Today and Tomorrow

Law of the Sea
Peaceful Settlement of Disputes in Ocean Conflicts: Does UNCLOS III Point the Way?
A Review of the 2004 General Assembly Discussions on the Law of the Sea
Statement at the Inaugural Meeting of the General Assembly of the International Seabed Authority
Some Aspects of the Law of the Sea: Islands, Delimitation, and Dispute Settlement Revisited
The Contribution of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea to International Law
Current Issues of the Law of the Sea and Their Relevance to Cyprus

International Dispute Resolution
International Tribunals: Do They Really Work for Small States?
Great Expectations: Where Does the Proliferation of International Dispute Resolution Tribunals Leave International Law?
U.N. Reform and the International Court of Justice: Introductory Statement

UN Peacekeeping
A View from Within: The Role of Small States and the Cyprus Experience
The Cyprus Problem and United Nations Peace-Keeping
The United Nations Peacekeeping: A View of the First 50 Years at the Brink of a New Century
Remarks at the Ceremony to Honour the Canadian Armed Forces for Their Contribution to UNFICYP

International Law Aspects of Combating Terrorism
International Law and Diplomacy The Role and Work of the Diplomatic Corps in Washington
Recent Trends towards International Legal Order
The Role of International Law in Diplomacy
The UN Decade on International Law: Progress and Promises
UN Reform Forum, America’s Interests in the United Nations
International Law and Diplomacy, Some Reflections

The Cyprus Problem and the United Nations
The Cyprus Question: Its Dimensions, Implications, and Prospects for a Solution
Cyprus: The International Law Dimension
The Cyprus Problem: The International Dimension
The Cyprus Problem
Cyprus: Prospects for a Solution
European Union Expansion: The Old and the New
Book Review (Excerpt) of An International Relations Debacle: The UN Secretary-General’s Mission of Good Offices in Cyprus 1999–2004 by Claire Palley, Hart Publishing, 2005
Letter to the Editor of the New York Times
Turkish Flexibility Would Solve Cyprus
Fifty Year Anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus (1960–2010)
Turkey Needs to Be Sincere on Cyprus
Letter to the Editor of Foreign Affairs

Remarks at the 75th Anniversary Commonwealth Day Celebration of the British Officers’ Club of Haverford
Remarks at the Kennedy Center on the Occasion of the Presentation of an Ancient Amphora by the Cyprus Government
The United Nations Programme of Assistance in the Training, Study, Dissemination, and Wider Appreciation of International Law



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