Contemporary Chinese Fiction by Su Tong and Yu Hua

Coming of Age in Troubled Times


The book explores the coming-of-age fiction of two of the most critically acclaimed and frequently translated contemporary Chinese authors, Yu Hua and Su Tong; it is the first in-depth book-length treatise in English about the contemporary Chinese Bildungsroman. Although various individual contemporary Chinese novelists and individual works of Chinese fiction have previously been discussed under the rubric of the Bildungsroman, none of these efforts has approached the level of comprehensive and comparative analysis that this book brings to the genre and its social contexts in contemporary China. This book will pique the interests not only of scholars and students of Chinese and comparative literature, but also of historians and social scientists with an interest in the region.

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Hua Li, Ph.D. (2007) in Vancouver, University of British Columbia, is Assistant Professor of Chinese at Montana State University. She has been working and published on contemporary Chinese writers Su Tong and Yu Hua.
“This book offers a welcome addition to the limited English-language scholarship on two of China’s most important contemporary authors, Su Tong (1963-) and Yu Hua (1960-)...Li incorporates extended accounts of the writers’ lives, and quotations from interviews and essays.”
Sabina Knight, Smith College, The Journal of Asian Studies (May 2012)
Chapter 1: Bildungsroman/Chengzhang Xiaoshuo as a Literary Genre
Chapter 2: The Changing Patterns of the Bildungsroman in Modern Chinese Literature
Chapter 3: Fallen Youth: A Solitary Outcast
Chapter 4: Fallen Youth: A Trembling Loner
Chapter 5: Tragic and Parodistic Bildungsroman
Readers at all levels with an interest in contemporary Chinese literature and culture, comparative literature, or Chinese society and history.
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