The Reflexes of the Proto-Indo-European Laryngeals in Celtic


In The Reflexes of the Proto-Indo-European Laryngeals in Celtic, Nicholas Zair for the first time collects and assesses all the words from the Celtic languages which contained a laryngeal, and identifies the regular results of the laryngeals in each phonetic environment. This allows him to formulate previously unrecognised sound changes affecting Proto-Celtic, and assess the competing explanations for other developments. This work has far-reaching consequences for the understanding of the historical phonology and morphology of the Celtic languages, and for etymological work involving the Celtic language, along with implications for Indo-European sound laws and the Indo-European syllable. A major conclusion is that the laryngeals cannot be used to argue for an Italo-Celtic language family.

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Nicholas Zair, D.Phil (2010), Oxford University, is Research Fellow in Classics at Peterhouse, Cambridge University. He has published several articles on Celtic and Indo-European historical phonology and morphology, including "PIE ‘bird’ and ‘egg’ after Schindler" ( Münchener Studien zur Sprachwissenschaft 65).
Students, particularly graduate students, and scholars interested in the historical phonology of the Celtic languages, Indo-European linguistics, and historical phonology and sound change.