A Functional Account of Marathi's Voice Phenomena

Passives and Causatives in Marathi


A Functional Account of Marathi's Voice Phenomena offers a comprehensive account of the formal and semantic aspects of the two most prominent voice phenomena in Marathi: the passive and the causative. Previous studies offer many partial insights into various aspects of Marathi’s passives and causatives. However, a comprehensive description of the formal, semantic, and pragmatic aspects of Marathi’s passives and causatives as not been available so far. Attempting to fill this gap, the present monograph offers a description in the functional-typological framework. At the same time it introduces the reader to the rich tradition of grammatical studies in Marathi, which up to now have remained inaccessible to those who are unfamiliar with the language.

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Prashant Pardeshi (Ph.D., Kobe University, 2000) is Professor at the Department of Crosslinguistic Studies, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL), Tokyo, Japan. He has published monographs and many articles on typological studies of Asian languages, including yūtsuidōshi no tsūgengoteki kenkyu: nihongo to shogengo no taishōkenkyu kara miete kuru mono [A cross-linguistic study of lexical pairs of transitive and intransitive verbs: A glimpse from contrastive studies between Japanese and languages of the world], co-edited with Kazuyuki Kiryu, and Heiko Narrog, 2015.
All those interested in linguistic typology, South Asian languages in general and Marathi in particular.