Ethics and Moral Philosophy


Editor: Thom Brooks
Ethics and moral philosophy is an area of particular interest today. This book brings together some of the most important essays in this area. The essays have all appeared recently in the Journal of Moral Philosophy, an internationally recognized leading philosophy journal. This book is divided into five sections: practical reason, particularism, moral realism, virtue ethics, and ethics and moral philosophy more generally.

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Biographical Note
Thom Brooks is Reader in Political and Legal Philosophy at Newcastle University. He is founder and editor of the Journal of Moral Philosophy.
Table of contents
Contributors include Chrisoula Andreou, John Broome, Roger Crisp, Jonathan Dancy, Timothy Hall, Alison Hills, Eric Hutton, S. Matthew Liao, Maria Merritt, Onora O'Neill, Martin Peterson, Michael Ridge, Russ Shafer-Landau, William Sin, Alison Stone, Jens Timmermann, and Jonathan Webber.
All those interested in ethics and moral philosophy, as well as applied ethics, bioethics, and the history of ethics more broadly.
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