A Concise History of Chinese Literature (2 vols.)


Author: Yuming Luo
A history of Chinese literature from its early beginnings through the end of the Qing dynasty, this recent work from Professor Luo Yuming of China’s Fudan University seeks to provide, by adopting new theoretical perspectives and using updated research, a coherent, panoramic description of the development of Chinese literature and its major characteristics. As one of the very few English translations of such works by Chinese authors it seeks to inform the Western audience of the recent viewpoints and scholarship on the topic from a leading Chinese scholar. It may also provide some grounds of comparison and contrast with equivalent works in the West.

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Ye Yang, Ph. D. (1989) in Comparative Literature, Harvard University, is Associate Professor at University of California, Riverside. He has published in Chinese and English on literary topics, including Chinese Poetic Closure (1996) and Vignettes from the Late Ming (1999).
Introduction (Ye Yang)
Author’s Preface
Chapter One: The Early Period of Chinese Literature: the Formation of Its Characteristics
Chapter Two: The Book of Songs and The Songs of the South
Chapter Three: Prose of the Pre-Qin Age
Chapter Four: The Rhapsody of the Qin and Han
Chapter Five: The Prose of the Qin and Han
Chapter Six: Poetry of the Han Dynasty
Chapter Seven: Literature of the Wei-Jin Period
Chapter Eight: Literature of the Northern and Southern Dynasties and the Sui Dynasty
Chapter Nine: Poetry and Prose of the Early and the High Tang
Chapter Ten: Poetry and Prose of the Mid-Tang and Late Tang
Chapter Eleven: Tales of the Marvelous and Popular Literature of the Tang Dynasty
Chapter Twelve: Song Lyrics of the Tang, the Five Dynasties, and the Northern Song
Chapter Thirteen: Poetry and Prose of the Northern Song
Chapter Fourteen: Literature of the Southern Song and the Jin Dynasty
Chapter Fifteen: Literature of the Yuan Dynasty
Chapter Sixteen: Poetry and Prose of the Ming Dynasty
Chapter Seventeen: Drama and Fiction of the Ming Dynasty
Chapter Eighteen: Poetry and Prose of the Qing Dynasty
Chapter Nineteen: Drama and Fiction of the Qing Dynasty