National Space Legislation in Europe

Issues of Authorisation of Private Space Activities in the Light of Developments in European Space Cooperation


The increasing involvement of private enterprise in the conduct of space activities raises key issues with respect to international space law which has left it to national law to implement relevant rules vis-à-vis private enterprise. Almost unavoidably, such national implementation regimes differ largely across individual states. This is also true in Europe, where the issue is further compounded by the fundamental – but fundamentally different – roles of ESA and the European Union. Focusing on Europe, the present book thus represents the first comprehensive effort to discuss national authorisation schemes not country by country but theme by theme, so as to allow for a real comparison of the lack of harmonisation or even coordination, and the possible problems which may result.
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Biographical Note

Frans G. von der Dunk is the Harvey & Susan Perlman Alumni / Othmer Professor of Space Law at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is also the Director of the Leiden-based space law and policy consultancy Black Holes.

Review Quotes

"In conclusion, the book offers a unique and complete presentation of space legislation in both European and major non-European countries with reference to international space laws. All relevant aspects are examined, like liability, environment, national security, space tourism and competition law. The book represents an excellent basis for designing the way forward for a space law harmonisation process in the European Union."
Alfredo Roma, Space Policy, Volume 28, issue 2, May 2012.

Table of contents

Authors’ biographies; Foreword – Dr. P. Hulsroj; Introduction – Prof. Dr. F.G. von der Dunk;
1. The Origins of Authorisation: Article VI of the Outer Space Treaty and International Space Law Prof. Dr. F.G. von der Dunk ;
2. Brief Overview of National Authorisation Mechanisms in Implementation of The UN International Space Treaties Prof. Dr. I. Marboe & F. Hafner ;
3. Granting Access to Outer Space: Rights and Responsibilities for States and Their Citizens – An Alternative Approach to Article VI of the Outer Space Treaty, Notably through the Belgian Space Legislation Mr. J.F. Mayence;
4. Liability in the Context of National Authorisation Prof. Dr. A. Kerrest de Rozavel & Prof. Dr. F.G. von der Dunk;
5. Insurance in the Context of National Authorisation Mrs. C. Gaubert;
6. Environmental Protection and Space Debris Issues in the Context of Authorisation Mr. R. Tremayne-Smith;
7. Safeguarding National Security and Foreign Policy Interests – Aspects of Export Control of Space Material and Remote Sensing Activities in Outer Space Dr. M. Gerhard & Dr. M. Creydt;
8. The Issue of National Security in the Context of National Space Legislation – Comparing European and Non-European States Prof. Dr. F.G. von der Dunk;
9. Space Tourism – The Authorisation of Suborbital Space Transportation Dr. M. Gerhard;
10. Authorisation of Space Activities after the Entry into Force of the EU Reform Treaty Dr. B. Schmidt-Tedd;
11. EU Competition Law and Issues of National Authorisation of Private Space Activities Prof. Dr. L.J. Smith;
List of abbreviations and acronyms; Table of important legal documents; Index.


The book is of interest to all practitioners and academics involved or interested in the commercialisation of space activities, in particular in the European context.


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