Kuniyoshi. The Faithful Samurai

Kuniyoshi The Faithful Samurai is a pioneering publication which deals with the most famous series – the Seichū gishi den (1847-48) and its sequel the Seichū gishin den (1848) – of the forty-seven masterless samurai ( rōnin) by artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861). The true 18th-century tale of revenge by forty-seven rōnin for the death of their lord was enormously popular in Japan: it was dramatised for the Kabuki theatre and its heroes were often depicted in ukiyo-e prints. Kuniyoshi was a master in the genre of warrior prints, and his series expressively portrays these warrior ‘folk heroes’. Dr. Weinberg’s book also includes translations of the texts which appear on the prints and which recount each hero’s exploits. In addition, there are photographs of the relics of the masterless samurai and the ruins of their castle in Akō.

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David R. Weinberg is often described as a 'renaissance man': he was educated at Columbia University, holds a doctorate degree in Comparative Literature from Michigan State University and a diploma from the Athens Conservatory of Music. An international educator and scholar, he has been the recipient of many awards. Dr. Weinberg has written books and articles on ancient Greek literature and culture, Japanese art, and classical music. He has been a collector of Japanese woodblock prints for over thirty years.


Scholars and collectors of Japanese prints, people interested in Edo period history of Japan.

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