Mexico and the Law of the Sea

Contributions and Compromises


Mexico and the Law of the Sea: Contributions and Compromises examines Mexico’s legal work at the Third UN Conference on the Law of the Sea. The volume focuses on Mexico's involvement at the regional Latin American meetings of Montevideo, Lima and Santo Domingo, in addition to its current domestic legislation—the Federal Oceans Act of 1986, in particular.

Readers will find an analysis of the legal regime Mexico applies to marine scientific research by foreign vessels, and the constitutional problems caused by the lack of a clear allocation of jurisdiction over islands. Mexico and the Law of the Sea: Contributions and Compromises emphasizes the maritime delimitation treaties Mexico entered into with the United States, Cuba, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize, and also includes an extensive Latin American bibliography on the law of the sea.

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Jorge A. Vargas is Professor of Law at the University of San Diego (USD) School of Law. He has published extensively in the United States and Latin America on the law of the sea and Mexican law.
Chapter One: Mexico and Its Territory: Constitutional Principles and Foundations
1. Introduction
2. Mexico’s Constitutional Provisions
3. Mexico’s National Territory
4. Conclusions
5. Appendix One

Chapter Two: Mexican marine zones: Their Legal Regime under the Federal oceans Act of 1986
1. Legal Historical Background
2. Mexico’s Federal Oceans Act of 1986
3. Mexico’s Marine Zones
4. Conclusions
5. Appendix Two

Chapter Three: Genesis and Development of The Exclusive Economic Zone in Latin America
1. Introduction
2. Genesis and Development in Latin America
3. The Transformation of the Patrimonial Sea into the Exclusive Economic Zone
4. Conclusions
5. Appendix Three

Chapter Four: Mexico’s Exclusive Economic Zone. Its Establishment, Negotiation and Delimitation with Neighboring States.
1. Introduction
2. The Exclusive Economic Zone in Mexico’s Domestic Legal Arena
3. Maritime Delimitation with Other Countries
4. Conclusions
5. Appendix Four

Chapter Five: Marine Scientific Research in Mexico. Its Legal Regime under Mexican Law and International Law.
1. Introduction
2. Marine Scientific Research and Freedom of the Seas Doctrine
3. An Historical Overview: Explorations for Wealth, for Souls and for Knowledge
4. Mexico’s Administrative Regulatory System Regarding Marine Scientific Research Clearances for Foreign Vessels
5. Legal Regime pursuant to the 1986 Federal Oceans Act
6. Conclusions
7. Appendix Five

Chapter Six: Mexico’s Islands: Mirage or Reality?
1. Introduction: Discovery of Mexico and Its Islands by Spain in the 16th Century
2. The Bull Inter Caetera and the Principle of Uti Possidetis
3. Legal Problems Derived from Article 48 of the Constitution
4. Definition and Categorization of Mexican Islands according to Their Legal Situation
5. Catalogues and Inventories of the Mexican Islands
6. Review of Three Controversies involving Mexican Islands
7. Conclusions
8. Appendix Six

General Index
Onomastic Index
Law of the sea specialists, international law professors, oil and maritime attorneys, marine scientists and ecologists, U.S. and Latin American diplomats, United Nations agencies involved with oceans, marine institutions and laboratories, legal and academic libraries, etc.
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