An Age of Saints?

Power, Conflict and Dissent in Early Medieval Christianity


Volume Editors: Peter Sarris, Matthew Dal Santo, and Phil Booth
The papers collected in this volume explore the strategies through which Christian authorities throughout the early medieval world both established and expressed their social position, while at the same time drawing attention to the moments when those same processes were resisted and challenged. Where previous studies of Christianisation have for the most part approached the issue of dissent through the continued existence of paganism and the various Christian heresies, this volume suggests that the experience of doubt towards, and articulation of resistance to, the claims of Christian leaders extended far outside the circles of pagan intellectuals and dissident theologians. The result is a view of Christianisation as far more piecemeal, complex and incomplete than has often been acknowledged.
Contributors include Peter Turner, Peter Kritzinger, Collin Garbarino, Philip Wood, Ralph Lee, Richard Payne, Mike Humphreys, Giorgia Vocino, and Gerda Heydemann.

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Peter Sarris is Senior Lecturer in Late Roman, Early Medieval and Byzantine History at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Trinity College.
Matthew dal Santo is Junior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge.
Phil Booth is Junior Research Fellow at Trinity College, Oxford.
Acknowledgements ... vii
List of Abbreviations ... ix
Notes on Contributors ... xi
Preface ... xiii

1. Restless Peasants and Scornful Lords: Lay Hostility to Holy Men and the Church in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages ... 1
Peter Sarris
2. Methodology, Authority and Spontaneity: Sources of Spiritual Truthfulness in Late Antique Texts and Life ... 11
Peter Turner
3. The Cult of Saints and Religious Processions in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages ... 36
Peter Kritzinger
4. Augustine, Donatists and Martyrdom ... 49
Collin Garbarino
5. Excluded from Power? The Boundaries of Orthodoxy in the Works of Athanasius and John of Ephesus ... 62
Philip Wood
6. The Conversion of King Caleb and the Religious and Political Dynamics of Sixth-Century Ethiopia and Southern Arabia ... 77
Ralph Lee
7. The Emergence of Martyrs’ Shrines In Late Antique Iran: Conflict, Consensus and Communal Institutions ... 89
Richard Payne
8. Orthodox and Heretic in the Early Byzantine Cult(s) of Saints Cosmas and Damian ... 114
Phil Booth
9. The God-Protected Empire? Scepticism towards the Cult of Saints in Early Byzantium ... 129
Matthew Dal Santo
10. Images of Authority? Imperial Patronage of Icons from Justinian II to Leo III ... 150
Mike Humphreys
11. Hagiography as an Instrument for Political Claims in Carolingian Northern Italy: The Saint Syrus Dossier (BHL 7976 and 7978) ... 169
Giorgia Vocino
12. Relics and Texts: Hagiography and Authority in Ninth-Century Francia ... 187
Gerda Heydemann
13. Conclusion: An Age of Saints? Power, Conflict and Dissent in Early Medieval Christianity ... 205
Matthew Dal Santo and Phil Booth

Select Bibliography ... 215
Index ... 219
All those interested in the history of late antiquity and the early middle ages in both Europe and the Middle East, and in the history of early Christianity.