The Freshwater Fishes of Suriname


With some 480 currently known fresh- and brackish-water fish species, Suriname has a rich inland fish fauna that is related to the most diverse freshwater fish fauna on planet Earth, i.e. that of the Amazon River. Interest in the freshwater fishes of Suriname by naturalists and scientists extends back over more than two centuries. Suriname is undoubtedly the site of origin of the oldest extant preserved specimens of South American fishes and 19 Surinamese fish species were described and figured by Linnaeus. Building on ichthyological studies initiated in the 1960s by the Brokopondo Project, this book provides an introduction to the freshwater fish fauna of Suriname, including identification keys, photographs of the species and descriptions of their habitats, that should be especially useful to decision makers, conservation biologists, aquarium hobbyists and eco-tourists.

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Jan H.A. Mol, Ph.D. (1995) in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, is Professor of Aquatic ecology at Anton de Kom University of Suriname. He has published extensively on the ecology of freshwater fishes of Suriname, especially on armored catfishes.
"The freshwater fishes of Suriname est un ouvrage de grande utilité, à la fois pour les scientifiques et les gestionnaires des milieux aquatiques. Les scientifiques y trouveront les données essentielles pour la comparaison des peuplements ichtyologiques dans les différents pays du secteur géographique, qui va de l’Amapa brésilien au Vénézuela, en d’autres termes de l’embouchure de l’Amazone à celle de l’Orénoque. Les gestionnaires, pour leur part, ont maintenant un outil précieux pour déterminer les espèces peuplant les différents bassins hydrographiques surinamiens, leur permettant ainsi de mieux asseoir leur travail." – François J. Meunier, Cybium 2013, 37(4): 272.

"Although there have been other books on Suriname fishes or parts of it (many with J.H.A/ Mol as author or co-author), this is the most detailed study on Surinames fishes, making these fish fauna to one of the best studied of South America. This book is of greatest value not only for ichthyologists studying the South American fish fauna, especially of the neighbored Amazon one, as there are many similarities and relations, but also to aquarists with a special interest in South American fishes as many of the fish presented herein make excellent aquarium fish and partially have a very long aquaristic history." - Harro Hieronimus in Bulletin of Fish Biology, volume 14 no. 1/2, 30-12-2013
All those interested in neotropical freshwater fishes, especially those of the Guiana Shield and Suriname, as well as conservation biologists, freshwater aquatic ecologists, aquarium hobbyists, eco-tourists, and decision makers in Suriname.
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