Amphibians of Suriname


Suriname has a long history of faunal inventories, with many of its species already described by Linnaeus. Despite that, the amphibians were only treated in a few papers in scientific journals. "Amphibians of Suriname" is the first overview of our present knowledge of this interesting group for Suriname. The book presents short descriptions and data on the distribution and natural history of the 104 species now known for the country. Most species are illustrated by one or more photographs, and a distribution map is presented as well. Two new species and two new subspecies of frogs are described for Suriname, and for several species a contribution to the taxonomic discussion is given.

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Dr. Paul E. Ouboter is the director of the National Zoological Collection and a lecturer in Biodiversity and Conservation at the University of Suriname. He has published on freshwater fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals, and on aquatic ecology and pollution, including the books "The Freshwater Ecosystems of Suriname' and "Ecological Studies on Crocodilians in Suriname".

Rawien Jairam is a technician in the Vertebrate Department of the National Zoological Collection of the University of Suriname. He has a keen interest in amphibian diversity, and has started his own research on amphibian reproduction and tadpole development.
All those with an interest in amphibian taxonomy, diversity, zoogeography and ecology of northern South America. The book functions as a field guide for eco-tourists as well.