Critical Readings on Contemporary Japanese Politics (4 Vols. SET)


In Critical Readings on Contemporary Japanese Politics, Jeff Kingston presents an array of excellent, recent articles that explore and explain democracy in Japan, how it has been evolving and to what extent it is coping with the various challenges that have emerged over the past few decades. The four volumes include nearly 80 articles delving into various aspects of politics ranging from elections, policymaking and foreign policy to history, nationalism, identity, civil society and the March 11, 2011 disasters. While many of the authors are political scientists, this is an interdisciplinary collection that broadens the scope of political analysis in ways that are revealing about the diversity, vibrancy, controversial issues and malaise evident in 21st century Japan.

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Jeff Kingston, Ph.D. (1987) Columbia University, is Professor of History and Director of Asian Studies at Temple University, Japan Campus. He has published extensively on Japan including Japan's Quiet Transformation (2004), Contemporary Japan (2011) and Natural Disaster and Nuclear Crisis in Japan (2012).
Students of, and specialists in, comparative politics, Japan, policy-making, international relations, civil society, identity, disaster and Asian Studies. University and public libraries, research institutes and foundations.
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