Inscribed Athenian Laws and Decrees 352/1-322/1 BC

Epigraphical Essays


This book collects eighteen papers which make original contributions to the study of the inscribed laws and decrees of the city of Athens, 352/1-322/1 BC, the most richly documented period of the city's history. Originally published in academic journals, conference proceedings and Festschriften between 2000 and 2010, they lay groundwork for the author’s new edition of these inscriptions, IG II³ Part 1, fascicule 2. The papers, which are based on fresh comprehensive autopsy of the stones and study of squeezes, photographs and early transcripts, report important epigraphical findings (e.g. new readings, restorations, joins and datings), and include studies of onomastics and of the chronology and the history of the period.

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Stephen D. Lambert, D. Phil. (1987) in Ancient History, University of Oxford, is Reader in Ancient History at Cardiff University. He has published extensively on the history and epigraphy of ancient Athens and is editor of Inscriptiones Graecae II³ 1, 2.
"[...] it is good to have so many of his articles collected in one volume. There is plenty here to benefit all those who work at an advanced level on Greek history in general, as well as those who are devoted to Athenian public documents, and it is to be hoped that they will disseminate the results in their teaching and writing." P.J. Rhodes in Scripta Classica Israelica, Vol. 31, 2012
"This volume is a valuable contribution to Classical scholarship in its own right. But the true value of this volume will be as a complement to Lambert's forthcoming fascicule of IG II3 . It is hard to imagine any serious scholar working on Athenian inscriptions from the last thirty years of Classical democracy picking up IG II3 without also taking up this volume." Andrew Bayliss, Sehepunkte 13 (2013), Nr 2.
"The usefulness of the book lies in how it pulls together these studies and presents them as a whole, a “one-stop-shopping” option for scholars interested in the inscriptions of mid-fourth century Attica. And this is not a negligible thing." AHB Online Reviews 3 (2013) 48–50
"Das sorgfältig edierte Buch kann vor allem Spezialisten der athenischen Geschichte und Epigraphikern empfohlen werden." Historischen Zeitschrift Heft 297/1

Part A. Main series
1. “Athenian State Laws and Decrees, 352/1–322/1: I Decrees Honouring Athenians”, ZPE 150 (2004), 85–120.
2. “Athenian State Laws and Decrees, 352/1–322/1: II Religious Regulations”, ZPE 154 (2005), 125–159.
3. “Athenian State Laws and Decrees, 352/1–322/1: III Decrees Honouring Foreigners. A. Citizenship, Proxeny and Euergesy”, ZPE 158 (2006), 115–158.
4. “Athenian State Laws and Decrees, 352/1–322/1: III Decrees Honouring Foreigners. B. Other Awards”, ZPE 159 (2007), 101–154.
5. “Athenian State Laws and Decrees, 352/1–322/1: IV Treaties and Other Texts”, ZPE 161 (2007), 67–100.

Part B. Other prolegomena
1. “Ten Notes on Attic Inscriptions”, ZPE 135 (2000), 51–62.
2. “Fragmente Athenischer Ehrendekrete aus der Zeit des Lamischen Krieges (zu Ag. XVI 94 und IG II2 292)”, ZPE 136 (2001), 65–70.
3. “The Only Extant Decree of Demosthenes”, ZPE 137 (2001), 55–68.
4. “Fish, Low Fares and IG II2 283”, ZPE 140 (2002), 73–79.
5. “On IG II2 546”, ZPE 141 (2002), 117–122.
6. “Afterwords”, ZPE 141 (2002), 122–124.
7. “IG II2 410: An Erasure Reconsidered” in D. Jordan and J. Traill (eds.), Lettered Attica, Proceedings of the Athens Symposium, March 2000 (Canadian Institute at Athens, 2003), 59–67.
8. “Greek Inscriptions in the University Museum, Oxford Mississippi”, ZPE 148 (2004), 181–186.
9. “Restoring Athenian Names” in: A. P. Matthaiou and G. Malouchou (eds.), Attikai Epigraphai, Praktika Symposiou eis mnemen Adolf Wilhelm (Athens, 2004), 327–341.
10. “Polis and Theatre in Lykourgan Athens: the Honorific Decrees”, in A. P. Matthaiou and I. Polinskaya (eds.), Mikros Hieromnemon. Meletes eis mnemen Michael H. Jameson (Athens, 2008), 52–85.
11. “Athens, Sokles and the Exploitation of an Attic Resource (IG II2 411)”, in N. Sekunda (ed.), Ergasteria. Works Presented to John Ellis Jones on his 80th Birthday (Danzig, 2009), 114-125.
12. “Inscribed Treaties ca. 350–321 BC: an Epigraphical Perspective on Athenian Foreign Policy”, in G. Reger, F. X. Ryan and T. F. Winters (eds.), Studies in Greek Epigraphy and History in Honor of Stephen V. Tracy (Bordeaux, 2010), 153–160.

Part C. Chronology
1. “Athenian Chronology, 352/1–322/1 BC”, in A. Tamis, C. J. Mackie and S. Byrne (eds.), Philathenaios. Studies in Honour of Michael J. Osborne (Athens, 2010), 91–102.

Appendix: Select Addenda and Corrigenda (2011)
Specialists in Attic epigraphy as well as those interested in the onomastics, prosopography, chronology and the theatrical, economic, political and legal history of Athens in the fourth century BC
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