The Post-War Occupation of Japan, 1945-1952

Selected Contemporary Readings From Pre-Surrender to Post-San Francisco Peace Treaty. Series 1: Books

This set presents a collection of book-length accounts of the post-war occupation of Japan. These view the Occupation as it progressed from varied American, Japanese and Allied perspectives, highlighting the diversity of policies and responses to a controversial and important era. It provides a one-stop reference source for scholars and the wider readership interested in contemporary Japanese and Asia Pacific politics.

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Roger Buckley, Ph.D. teaches on the Visiting Student Programme at Mansfield College, Oxford. He was previously professor of international history at International Christian University, Tokyo. He is the author of The United States in the Asia-Pacific Since 1945 (2002).
Volume 1: Fleisher, Wilfrid. What To Do With Japan (1945); Johnstone, W.C. The Future of Japan (1945)
Volume 2: Institute of Pacific Relations. Security in the Pacific (1945); Roth, Andrew. Dilemma in Japan (1945)
Volume 3: CINCPAC. Guide to Japan (1945); US State Dept. Occupation of Japan, Policy and Progress (1946); Martin, Edwin. The Allied Occupation of Japan (1948)
Volume 4: Busch, Noel F. Fallen Sun: A Report on Japan (1948); Brines, Russell. MacArthur's Japan (1948)
Volume 5: BCOF. Know Japan (1946); Morris, John. The Phoenix Cup: Some Notes on Japan in 1946 (1947); Clifton, Allan. Time of Fallen Blossoms (1951)
Volume 6: Yamaguchi, Shinrokuro. Some Aspects of Agrarian Reform in Japan (1948); Tatsuki, Yasuo. General Trend of Japanese Opinion following the end of the war (1948); Ito, Nobufumi. New Japan: Six Years of Democratization (1952)
Volume 7: Bisson, T.A. Prospects for Democracy in Japan (1949); Fearey, R.A. The Occupation of Japan, Second Phase: 1948-50 (1950); Hewes, Laurence I., Jr. Japanese Land Reform Program, Natural Resources Report Number 127, Tokyo, 15 March 1950 (1950)
Volume 8: Farley, Miriam. Aspects of Japan's Labour Problems (1950); Textor, Robert B. Failure in Japan : With Keystones for a Positive Policy (1951)
Volume 9: van Aduard, E.J.L. Japan, From Surrender to Peace (1952)
Volume 10: Reischauer, Edwin O. Japan and America Today (1953); Wildes, Harry Emerson. Typhoon in Tokyo: The Occupation and its Aftermath (1954)
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