Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography 1857-2010


This bibliography of Abraham Kuyper (1837-1920), Dutch theologian, journalist, and politician, and above all prolific writer, is the result of a life-long research. Kuyper’s publications range from daily editorials in newspapers, via pamphlets on present-day issues and a 1000-page political program, to academic publications like an encyclopedia of theology. His works were ground laying for the neo-Calvinist tradition in the Netherlands, the United States, Asia, and Africa. This is the first bibliography of his works in English, and also the first all-encompassing bibliography, including all editions and translations. It has been organized chronologically and each item contains bibliographical data and apt information about contents and context. This is an indispensible academic tool for researchers of Kuyper and the neo-Calvinist tradition.

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Tjitze Kuipers (1936), is retired minister of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands. Over fifty years and more the author collected printed works of Abraham Kuyper. Fascination evoked by the wide range of the issues Kuyper dealt with, amazement because of his drive to publish and his publishing policy, and surprise caused by the reception and renewed impact of his vision and thoughts reaching out to far off continents, kept collecting going on for nearly a lifetime. In the end the rarity of some collected copies and the physical presence of a large and detailed collection of Kuyper’s publications as a whole, proved to be an essential condition to compile this bibliography. In 2006 the collection was transferred to the special collections department of the library of Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ, USA.
Foreword: Being Public: On Abraham Kuyper and His Publications

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Abraham Kuyper’s Life and Work: A Chronological Outline

Abraham Kuyper: An Annotated Bibliography, 1857–2009

Appendix 1: Published Indexes for Kuyper’s Works

Appendix 2: Catalogs and Bibliography of Kuyper's Works

Appendix 3: Sheet Music Based on Kuyper's Works

Appendix 4: Bilingual List of Organizations and Institutions Referenced in the Bibliography

Appendix 5: Periodicals Referenced in the Bibliography

All those interested in religious, political, social, media and intellectual history of the Netherlands, and in the history of the neo-Calvinist tradition in the Netherlands, the United States, Asia and Africa.
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