The Stele of YHWH in Egypt

The Prophecies of Isaiah 18-20 concerning Egypt and Kush


Attempts to reconstruct the compositional history of the book of Isaiah confine themselves mainly to chapters 1-12 and 28-39, supposed to shroud the basic core of any early collection of Isaianic texts. Other investigations which verge on the group of prophecies concerning the nations in Isa 13-23 rarely delve into exegetical details to the extent that the reader of Isaiah would feel convinced to stand here on familiar grounds. Even others, overtly restricted to a small pericope inside Isa 13-23, often neglect the significance of this larger context. This book provides a thorough analysis of Isaiah 18-20, concerned with Egypt and Kush, from the earliest stages to their final contextualisation within the developing corpus of the Isaianic prophecies regarding the nations.

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Csaba Balogh, Ph.D. (2009) in Theology, Theological University of Kampen II, Netherland, is Lecturer in Old Testament at the Protestant Theological Institute of Kolozsvár / Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
All those interested in the literature, history and theology of Old Testament prophecy, as well as those studying ancient Near Eastern imperialism or the cultural and historical contacts between Canaan and Egypt in Antiquity
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