Methods in Latin Computational Linguistics


In Methods in Latin Computational Linguistics, Barbara McGillivray presents some of the most significant methodological foundations of the emerging field of Latin Computational Linguistics. The reader will find an overview of the computational resources and tools available for Latin and three corpus case studies covering morpho-syntactic and lexical-semantic aspects of Latin verb valency, as well as quantitative diachronic explorations of the argument realization of Latin prefixed verbs. The computational models and the multivariate data analysis techniques employed are explained with a detailed but accessible language. Barbara McGillivray convincingly shows the challenges and opportunities of combining computational methods and historical language data, and contributes to driving the technological change that is affecting Historical Linguistics and the Humanities.

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Barbara McGillivray, Ph.D. (2010), University of Pisa, is language engineer at the Dictionary Department of Oxford University Press. She holds degrees in Computational Linguistics, Classics, and Mathematics, and she has published in all three fields.
Graduate students, researchers, and professors in Classics, Latin linguistics, historical linguistics, corpus linguistics, lexicography, and computational linguistics. More in general, all interested in new methods in linguistics and Digital Humanities.
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