In the Shadow of Arabic: The Centrality of Language to Arabic Culture

Studies Presented to Ramzi Baalbaki on the Occasion of His Sixtieth Birthday


The collection of articles in this volume is dedicated to Ramzi Baalbaki of the American University of Beirut on the occasion of his 60th birthday. The volume reflects the central themes of Ramzi Baalbaki’s scholarly work: history of Arabic grammar, Arabic lexicography, Arabic linguistics, comparative Semitics, Arabic epigraphy, and textual editing of classical texts. It provides intellectual, literary, and social historians, as well as Arabists, philologists, and linguists with an interesting glimpse into the early medieval and modern traditions related to the Arabic language, its grammar, historical development, and demonstrates its centrality to other fields of study such as Qur’ānic studies, adab, folk literature, sufism, and poetry.

Contributors include: Nadia Anghelescu, Georgine Ayoub, Aziz Azmeh, Monique Bernards, Georges Bohas, Gerhard Böwering, Michael Carter, Everhard Ditters, Geert Jan van Gelder, Hassan Hamzé, Peter Heath, Pierre Larcher, Ibrahim Ben Mrad, Bilal Orfali, Wadād al-Qāḍī, Angelika Neuwirth, Karin Ryding, Yasir Suleiman, Kees Versteegh, and David Wilmsen

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Bilal Orfali, Ph.D. (2009), Yale University, is Assistant Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the American University of Beirut. He is the author of several articles and books on classical Arabic literature and Islamic mysticism.
"[L]e volume revêt un grand intérêt pour tous ceux qui s’intéressent à la langue arabe et, plus particulièrement, aux questions linguistiques qu’elle soulève, ainsi qu’à sa longue et riche tradition grammaticale. La qualité générale des articles, ainsi que l’érudition des contributeurs, représentent le plus bel hommage à une figure incontournable dans le domaine, un des pionniers des études sur l’histoire de la grammaire arabe." – Francesco Binaghi, in: Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée
"All things considered, the editor has been successful in putting together a volume, which represents the multifaceted nature of research on the history of Arabic grammar and Arabic lexicography and encompasses a wide range of topics as well as of different theoretical perspectives on these subjects. The papers include linguistics and socio-historical analyses, detailed case studies describing the development of different grammatical traditions as well as discussions about formal aspects of both classical and modern standard Arabic grammar. Despite this great heterogeneity, the volume constitutes a coherent collection of studies demonstrating the strength of the relationship interrelating language, culture and religion in the arabophone world." – Stefano Manfredi, in: Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes 103 (2013): 451-453
Bibliography Ramzi Baalbaki

History of Arabic Grammar
1. Ideology, Grammar-Making and the Standardization of Arabic
Yasir Suleiman
2. The Andalusian Grammarians, Are They Diffferent?
Michael G. Carter
3. Khabar / Inshāʾ, une fois encore
Pierre Larcher
4. From Lexical to Grammatical: Nafs and Other Identifijiers
Nadia Anghelescu
5. La coordination à un constituant du noyau en arabe
Hassan Hamzé
6. Mustaqīm, muḥāl, ḥasan, qabīḥ: Les critères de recevabilité dans le Kitāb de Sībawayhi
Georgine Ayoub
7. An Afrikaans Footnote to the History of Arabic Grammar: Sheikh Ismail Ganief’s Grammar of Arabic (ca. 1958)
Kees Versteegh

Profiles of Grammarians
8. Pioneers of Arabic Linguistic Studies
Monique Bernards
9. Al-Zajjāj and Glassmaking: An Expanded Range of Options in a Comparative Context
Wadād al-Qāḍī
10. Against the Arabic Grammarians: Some Poems
Geert Jan van Gelder

11. Linguistic Observations on the Theonym Allāh
Aziz Al-Azmeh
12. Arabic Datives, Ditransitives, and the Preposition li-
Karin Christina Ryding
13. Dialects of the Dative Shift: A Re-examination of Sībawayhi’s Dispute with the Naḥwiyyūn over Ditransitive Verbs with Two Object Pronouns
David Wilmsen

Style, Lexicography, and Phonosymbolism
14. Homonymie, polysémie et critères de distinction
Ibrahim Ben Mrad
15. Sulamī’s Treatise on the Science of the Letters (ʿilm al-ḥurūf)
Gerhard Böwering
16. Style formulaire et parallélisme dans le Coran
Georges Bohas
17. Styles in Premodern Arabic Popular Epics
Peter Heath

Arabic Contextualized
18. Ghazal and Grammar: al-Bāʿūnī’s Taḍmīn Alfijiyyat Ibn Mālik fī l-Ghazal
Bilal Orfali
19. The Qurʾān as a Late Antique Text
Angelika Neuwirth
20. A Formal Description of Sentences in Modern Standard Arabic
Everhard Ditters

Index of Arabic Terms
Index of Proper Nouns
Notes on the Contributors
All those interested in intellectual and social history, Arabic grammar, linguistics, philology, and literature.
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