Critical Readings on the History of Tibetan Foreign Relations (4 Vols. SET)


In Critical Readings on the History of Tibetan Foreign Relations Saul Mullard has presented some of the world’s leading academic contributions to the history of Tibetan contacts with other nations and states. This selection of key texts manages to chart the historical development of Tibet and her position in the politics and history of Central, South and East Asia. Beginning with the Tibetan Imperialperiod, and ending with Tibet’s contemporary position in international relations, this collection explores the important linguistic, diplomatic, political, and religious connections that shaped the history and culture of, not only Tibet, but also that of Central Asia, Mongolia, China and India. This publication provides both established and new scholars a unique and valuable reference work on Tibet’s longstanding cultural, religious and linguistic relationships and connections with her neighbours.

Contributors include: Christopher Beckwith, Tsughito Takeuchi, Elliot Sperling, Karl-Heinz Everding, Roberto Vitali, Luciano Petech, Leonard van der Kuijp, Peter Sschweiger, Tsering Shakya, Melvyn Goldstein, Dawa Norbu, Alex McKay, Hsiao-Ting Lin amongst others.

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Saul Mullard, DPhil (Oxford 2009), Ecole Pratique des Hautes (Paris), is a specialist in Sikkimese and Tibetan history. He has published one monograph and many articles on the theme of Tibetan and Himalayan history and religion including "Opening the Hidden Land: State formation and the construction of Sikkimese history" (Brill, 2011).
This work will be of particular interest to libraries, students and lecturers as well as those interested in the issue of Tibet and its history and culture.
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