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Studies in Medieval Legal History in Honour of Paul Brand


The essays in this volume in honour of Paul Brand, Senior Research Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, match his career and interests in the world of legal history as well as medieval social and economic history and textual studies. The topics explored include the Angevin reforms, legal literature, the legal profession and judiciary, land law, the relation between the crown and the Jews, the interaction of the Common Law with Canon and Civil Law, as well as procedural and testamentary procedures, the management of both ecclesiastical and lay estates and the afterlife of medieval learning. Like Brand’s own work, all the essays are grounded on detailed studies of primary sources. The result is a high quality scholarly book that will be of interest and use to medieval scholars, students and non-specialists with wide-ranging and varied interests.
Contributors include Sir John H. Baker*, David Carpenter, David Crook, Charles Donahue, Jr, Barbara Harvey, Richard H. Helmholz, John Hudson, Paul Hyams, David J. Ibbetson, Susanne Jenks, Janet S. Loengard, Alexandra Nicol, Bruce R. O'Brien, Robert C. Palmer, Sandra Raban, Jonathan Rose, Henry Summerson and Sarah Tullis.

*Professor Jon Baker is the winner of the American Society for Legal History’s 2013 Sutherland Prize. The prize, which is awarded annually, is for the best article on English legal history published in the previous year. The Prize was awarded to John baker for his article “Deeds Speak Louder Than Words: Covenants and the Law of Proof, 1290-1321" in Laws, Lawyers and Texts: Studies in Medieval Legal History in Honour of Paul Brand, ed. Susanne Jenks, Jonathan Rose and Christopher Whittick (2012). For more information about the Prize see:

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Susanne Jenks read History, English and Philosophy at the Free University of Berlin. She is an independent scholar who has published on late medieval English Law in English and German and is vice-adminstrator of the Anglo-American Legal Tradition Project.
Jonathan Rose is Emeritus Professor of Law and Willard H. Pedrick Distinguished Research Scholar, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University. He received his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania (1960) and his law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School (1963). His scholarship involves the history of the legal profession, the medieval English legal system, and the historiography of legal history.
Christopher Whittick read law at Worcester College, Oxford, qualified as an archivist in 1975 and joined the staff of the East Sussex Record Office, where he is Senior Archivist. He teaches palaeography on the University College London archives course. He has a particular interest in medieval crime and administration, and in the application of archival sources to the study of standing buildings and topography.
"...In Anerkennung seiner großen Verdienste um die anglophone Rechtsgeschichte haben seine Freunde, Kollegen und Schüler die vorliegende Festschrift verfasst. Sie enthält außer einer einfühlsamen Würdigung [...] insgesamt 16 eindringliche Studien [...] Eine Bibliographie der zahlreichen weiterführenden Arbeiten des Geehrten und ein umfangreicher Index schließen das mit Illustrationen und einem Brustbild Brands geschmückte vielseitige Werk benutzerfreundlich ab und zugleich auf."
Gerhard Köbler, Innsbrück, February 2014 (
"This volume is both a worthy tribute to the person it honours, Professor Paul Brand, formerly of All Souls, Oxford, and recently visiting Professor
in the University of Michigan Law School, and a significant contribution in its own right to the areas of research made possible by Brand’s scholarship. [...] There is much here for readers interested in the history of specific actions in the English common law [...] This book deserves a wider readership than the specialist nature of its subject matter will no doubt allow. This is to compliment the editors and contributors for appositely paying tribute to their dedicatee; on the other hand, such rich scholarship deserves to read by all."
Jason Taliadoros, (School of Law, Deakin University), Parergon, Vol. 30, 2, 2013, pp. 202-204
"...This festschrift is a richly-deserved tribute to Brand's continuing collegiality and influence. [...] Taken as a whole, this collection not only stands as a testament to the influence of Paul Brand himself on his friends, colleagues, and students, but as a testament to the high quality of scholarly
production among current historians of medieval English law. [...] all demonstrate the kind of meticulous scholarship and accessible presentation for which Brand is justifiably well known. [...] In the final analysis, this is not only a welcome addition to the body of work on English law and procedure, it is also a fitting tribute to one of the most productive and significant members of that community. Those interested in the topics of the articles themselves will find much to value in them; those curious about the state of English legal history today will find it well represented here."
Linda E. Mitchell (University of Missouri--Kansas City), The Medieval Review 13.09.46
"...einem sauber bearbeiteten umfangreichen Index...die hohe Konsistenz der Einzelbeiträge untereinander...Alle Beiträge beziehen sich ganz explizit auf das zentrale Arbeitsgebiet des Jubilars: Recht und Rechtspflege im England des »langen« 13. Jahrhunderts....Damit ist schon ein weiterer Schwerpunkt angesprochen, der die meisten der versammelten Beiträge durchzieht: der ständig wiederkehrende und wohltuende Bezug zur Quellenkunde und Quellenkritik...Diese Festschrift stellt einen facettenreichen und doch thematisch konsistenten Beitrag zur englischen Rechtsgeschichte des hohen und späten Mittelalters dar, mit der die Forschungsinteressen des Jubilars aufgegriffen und überzeugend weitergeführt werden."
Hiram Kümper (Universität Bielefeld), Francia-Recensio 2013/3 | Mittelalter - Moyen Âge (500-1500)
"...The focus of the volume is predominantly on the Common Law and the English legal system, reflecting Brand’s expert knowledge and interpretation of medieval law and legal practice, and it would have been easy to locate the essays purely within this comfortable domain. One of the key strengths of this book, however, is that many of the contributions range more broadly, examining overlaps between other legal traditions and jurisdictions..."
Anthony Musson (Bracton Centre for Legal History Research, University of Exeter), Edinburgh Law Review. Volume 17, Page 268-269 DOI 10.3366/elr.2013.0159, ISSN 1364-9809, Available Online May 2013

List of Illustrations ... ix

Paul Brand: Encomium ... xi
*Barbara Harvey

Editors’ Preface ... xv

List of Abbreviations ... xvii
List of Contributors ... xxi

Constitutions of Clarendon, Clause 3, and Henry II’s Reforms of Law and Administration ... 1
*John Hudson
Notes on the Transformation of the Fief into the Common Law Tenure in Fee ... 21
*Paul R. Hyams
An English Book of Laws from the Time of Glanvill ... 51
*Bruce O’Brien
Annuities and Annual Pensions ... 69
*Richard H. Helmholz
Civilian and Canonist Influence on the Writ of Cessavit per Biennium ... 87
*David Ibbetson
Burning Issues: The Law and Crime of Arson in England, 1200–1350 ... 101
*Henry Summerson
Crucifijixion and Conversion: King Henry III and the Jews in 1255 ... 129
*David Carpenter
Robert of Lexington, Senior Justice of the Bench, 1236–1244 ... 149
*David Crook
Deeds Speak Louder Than Words: Covenants and the Law of Proof, 1290–1321 ... 177
*John Baker
Lawyers Retained by Peterborough Abbey in the Late Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries ... 201
*Sandra Raban
The Legal Professions of Fourteenth-Century England: Serjeants of the Common Bench and Advocates of the Court of Arches ... 227
*Charles Donahue, Jr
Writs De Minis and Supplicavit: The History of Surety of the Peace ... 253
*Susanne Jenks
Common Law and Custom: Windows, Light, and Privacy in Late Medieval England ... 279
*Janet S. Loengard
Medieval Estate Planning: The Wills and Testamentary Trials of Sir John Fastolf ... 299
*Jonathan Rose
Glanvill after Glanvill: The Afterlife of a Medieval Legal Treatise ... 327
*Sarah Tullis
The Construction of an Online Digital Archive: The Anglo-American Legal Tradition Website Project ... 361
*Robert C. Palmer

Bibliography of the Published Works of Paul Brand ... 379
*Alexandra Nicol

Index (by Carrie Smith) ... 385
Those interested in the legal, economic, social and political aspects of the medieval period, including specialists in the those fields, graduate and postgraduate students and educated non-specialists, as well as academic and public libraries.