Revising Dreyfus


In Revising Dreyfus, contributors from a wide variety of disciplines (art history, film, media, theater, sociology, history) offer new ways of understanding the ever-evolving meanings of the Dreyfus Affair. Although the Dreyfusards led the way in explicating the nuances of the Affair in lengthy treatises, the anti-Dreyfusards far outstripped their opponents on the graphic front, particularly through print media, photographs,
postcards, broadsides, films, illustrated journal covers, and the plastic arts. Revising Dreyfus traces the dominant modes of “seeing” the Dreyfus Affair, often in opposition to “reading” the Affair in three major contexts: French, Zionist, and American.

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Pages: 415–424
Maya Balakirsky Katz is Associate Professor of Art History at Touro College and on the faculty of Touro’s Graduate School of Jewish Studies. She has written on the intersection of religious identity and media in essay collections, exhibition catalogs, and encyclopedias, as well as journals, such as AJS Review, Jewish Social Studies, Nineteenth-Century French Studies, Modern Judaism, and Images: A Journal of Jewish Art and Visual Culture. Most recently, she authored the book The Visual Culture of Chabad.
Introduction: The Revision of Dreyfus in Historical Perspective Maya Balakirsky Katz
Chapter 1: The Dreyfus Affair and Its Images Henri Mitterand
Chapter 2: The Dreyfus Affair as National Theater Venita Datta
Chapter 3: French Jewish Identity in the Wake of the Dreyfus Affair, 1898-1931: The Story of Edmond Fleg Sally Charnow
Chapter 4: Henri-Gabriel Ibels, Nineteenth-Century Blogger Maya Balakirsky Katz
Chapter 5: Let’s Go! Contemporary History Narrated and Drawn [1898] Henri-Gabriel Ibels
Chapter 6: Henri-Gabriel Ibels, the Jews, and the Francization of the Dreyfus Affair Zvi Jonathan Kaplan
Chapter 7: Line and Shadow: Envisioning Anti-Dreyfusism in Psst…! Elizabeth Everton
Chapter 8: John Grand-Carteret, A Historian of the Dreyfus Affair Through Caricature? Bertrand Tillier
Chapter 9: Impressionist Circle, Before and After the Dreyfus Affair Batsheva Goldman Ida
Chapter 10: The Dreyfus Affair in Early Zionist Culture Jess Olson
Chapter 11: Postcards from the Dreyfus Affair: Mass media and Modern Antisemitism Brigitte Sion
Chapter 12: Exhibiting Dreyfus in America: The New York Jewish Museum and the Soviet Jewry Movement Maya Balakirsky Katz
Chapter 13: History and Human Conscience: An American Collection of the Dreyfus Affair Lorraine Beitler
Students of French history, Jewish Studies, and art history will find Revising Dreyfus an important resource.
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