Japanese Foreign Policy and Understanding Japanese Politics

The Writings of J.A.A. Stockwin


Known internationally for his research, writings and commentaries on the politics of modern and contemporary Japan, this two-volume work brings together much of his considerable archive of published as well as unpublished research over the past fifty years, some dating back to his early years as a scholar in the 1960s at ANU’s Department of Political Science. Structured thematically, Volume I comprises Part I: Japanese Foreign Policy; Part II: Australia-Japan Relations; Part III: Democracy in Japan and Asia; Volume II comprises Part I: Understanding Japanese Politics; Part II: Teaching and Research in Japanese Studies. Volume II complements his earlier Collected Writings which focuses specifically on the politics and political environment of Japan up to the date of publication (2004). J.A.A. Stockwin has also been a lead reviewer of new publications in his field; a list of his principal reviews together with a bibliography of his complete output can be found at the back of Volume II of this work. Both volumes are separately indexed.

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Biographical Note

Arthur Stockwin, OBE (awarded in 2009 for services to academic excellence and the promotion of UK-Japanese understanding), was formerly Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Reader at the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, from 1964 to 1981, then Nissan Professor of Modern Japanese Studies and Director of the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies at the University of Oxford, from 1982 to 2003. At St Antony's College, Oxford, he was Professorial Fellow from 1982 to 2003, sub-warden from 1999 to 2001 and Emeritus Fellow from 2003 to the present. His life work in Japanese Studies was recognized by the Japanese Government in 2004 with the Order of the Rising Sun Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon, and in 2009 he received the Japan Foundation Award for Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange.
His major publications include The Japanese Socialist Party and Neutralism (1968), Japan: Divided Politics in a Growth Economy (1975, 4 edn [as Governing Japan: Divided Politics in a Resurgent Economy] 2008), Dynamic and Immobilist Politics in Japan (ed and part-author, 1988), The Establishment of the Japanese Constitutional System (by Junji Banno, trans 1992), The Story of Tim (1993), Dictionary of the Modern Politics of Japan (2003), Collected Writings of J. A. A. Stockwin (2004), and Thirty-Odd Feet Below Belgium: An Affair of Letters in the Great War, 1915-1916 (2005).

Table of contents

Volume 1: Japanese Foreign Policy / Democracy in Japan and Asia

Introduction; PART 1: JAPANESE FOREIGN POLICY; 1. Japanese Attitudes to the Sino-Soviet Dispute; 2. Japanese Foreign Policy; 3. Domestic Political Restraints on Japanese Foreign Policy; 4. Foreign Policy Perspectives of the Japanese Left: Confrontation or Consensus?; 5. Japan and Asia; 6. Continuity and Change in Japanese Foreign Policy; 7. Where is Japan Headed?; 8. Canada and the Changing Economy of the Pacific Basin: The Domestic Political Context of Japanese Foreign Policy; 9. Japanese Public Opinion and Policies on Security and Defence; 10. Does Japan Have a Special Attitude to Peace?; 11. Can Japan and the Soviet Union Sort Out Their Differences?; 12. Understanding Japanese International Relations; 13. Is War an Inevitable Part of History? The Case of Japan; 14. Korean-Japanese Relations: Background, Trends and Perspectives; 15. The Evolving Dynamics of Japanese Foreign Policy and Implications for Southeast Asia; PART II : AUSTRALIA-JAPAN RELATIONS; 16. Aspects of Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy; 17. Japanese Elections; 18. Problems in Australian Foreign Policy: January to June 1972; 19. Australia’s Relations with Japan; 20. Problems in Australian Foreign Policy, January-June 1980; 21. Party Representation in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan; 22. Negotiating the Basic Treaty between Australia and Japan, 1973-1976; PART III : DEMOCRACY IN JAPAN AND ASIA; 23. Korea: An Outsider’s View; 24. Beyond the ‘Asian Model’ of Democracy; 25. Reshaping Japanese Politics and the Question of Democracy; Index

Volume 2: Understanding Japanese Politics / Teaching & Research in Japanese Studies

PART I: UNDERSTANDING JAPANESE POLITICS; 1. Reshaping of Japanese Politics and the Question of Democracy; 2. Why Japan still Matters; 3. Electoral Pressures for Change: the Effect of Political Reform; 4. Reforming Japanese Politics: Possible or Impossible?; 5. Opposition Parties or Client Parties? Can Politics be put back onto the Agenda?; 6. Is Japan a Post-Marxist Society? Thoughts on a Forgotten Debate; 7. Governance, Democracy and the Political Economy of the Japanese State; 8. A European View of Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy; 9. Koizumi and his Political Legacy; 10. Politics, Japan and the Politics of Japan: Studying at an Intersection of Disciplines; 11. From Koizumi to Abe: Same Bed, Different Dreams?; 12. Koizumi and Blair as Political Leaders: A View from the United Kingdom; 13. Do Prime Ministers Make a Difference? Some Historical Reflections; 14. Do Prime Ministers Run Japan?; 15. Issues of the Japanese Constitution; 16. Why has Japan not had a Female Prime Minister?; 17. Japanese Politics in a British Political Mirror; 18. Political Earthquake in Japan: How much of a Difference will it make?; 19. New Japanese Politics from a British Perspective; 20. Sailing through Rough Waters: New Politics in the United Kingdom and Japan; 21. In Memorian Chalmers Johnson (1931-2010): le Japon comme ‘Etat Développeur’ et le défi au consensus néoliberal; 22. Stability and Instability in Japanese Politics: An Assessment of the Kan Government; 23. Political Leadership in Japan: Are Effective Leaders Possible?; PART II: TEACHING AND RESEARCH IN JAPANESE STUDIES; 24. Japanese Politics: The Neglected Discipline; 25. The Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies, University of Oxford; 26. Why Japan Matters; 27. Area Studies on Japan: Experiences in Australia and Britain; 28. Japanese Studies in Australia; 29. Japanese Studies at Oxford: The New Decade; 30. Japanese Scholarship in Australia and New Zealand: An International Perspective; Bibliography; Index

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