Colonial-Period Korea - Korean Works

Colonial-Period Korea
Korean Works

Not surprisingly, within Korea, resistance developed against Japanese rule, and resistance movements were organized. One example of resistance behavior was the use of the Korean language in publications, during a time Japanese was pronounced the official language and the use of Korean was discouraged. Columbia University's C.V. Starr East Asian Library holds a unique collection of Korean classical novels, printed in old printing type. The original texts of the collection are an invaluable bibliographical tool for researchers in the field of Korean literature during the Japanese colonial period. This was a time when there was a big increase of interest in Korean novels among the general public. Many popular works dealing with the classics were published in many different versions, with alterations which present research needs for verifying the transitions of classical works over the period. Since some of the texts are written in a very old form of the Korean language, the collection is of great interest among Korean language scholars as research sources on Korean archaic words and writing style. Their particular value, however, lies in the importance of this period, as well as in the rarity of these materials in both the U.S. and Korea.

This collection is also included in the Colonial-Period Korea collection.

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