Mobilizing Public Sociology

Scholars, Activists, and Latin@ Migrants Converse on Common Ground

Mobilizing Public Sociology, coedited by Victoria Carty and Rafael Luévano, combines theory and scholarly perspectives with a grassroots approach to challenges that Latin@ immigrants face in the United States. Public sociology calls for scholars and community activists and practitioners to engage in dialogue and to work together in the struggle for social justice. The contributors to this collection—scholars, immigrants, practitioners, and community activists—share their scholarly perspectives and personal experiences on a wide range of issues related to immigration, including deportation and criminalization, undocumented youth and higher education, legislation, and community activism. The collection encourages ongoing collaboration in dealing with some of the most pressing problems affecting our communities with the hope of breaking down barriers and misconceptions.

Contributors are: Amelia Alvarez, Fawn Bekam, Victoria Carty, Kristin E. Heyer, Patricia Huerta, Rusty Kennedy, Oliver Lopez, Rafael Luévano, Raquel R. Marquez, Eileen McNerney, Patrick Murphy, Jerry Price, Lisa D. Ramirez, Harriett D. Romo, Suzanne SooHoo, Madeleine Spencer, Daniele Struppa, and Bishop Kevin William Vann.

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Victoria Carty, Ph.D. (1999), is an activist scholar and associate professor of sociology at Chapman University. She is the author of Social Movements and New Technology (Westview Press, 2015).

Rafael Luévano, Ph.D., S.T.D. (1990), is associate professor in the Religious Studies Department at Chapman University and serves as the university’s Roman Catholic chaplain. He is the author of Woman-Killing in Juárez: Theodicy at the Border (Orbis Books, 2012).
Jerry Price
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List of Contributors

Victoria Carty with Daniele Struppa, Jerry Price, and Bishop Kevin
William Vann

Part 1: Immigrant Oppression and Resistance Movements

1 Collaboration between Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement: Gang Injunctions, Gang Databases, and Immigration Consequences
Amelia Alvarez and Fawn Bekam
2 Gentrification, Gang Injunctions, and the Impact on Latin@ Communities in Southern California
Madeleine Spencer and Victoria Carty
3 The Politics of Immigration and a Catholic Counternarrative: A Perspective from the United States
Kristin E. Heyer
4 Embracing the “Other”: Dreamers Navigating Higher Education
Harriett D. Romo and Raquel R. Marquez

Part 2: Immigrants and Community Narratives

5 Latin@ Immigrant Youth in the Age of Mixed Messages: A Perspective on Deferred Action and Unaccompanied Minors
Lisa D. Ramirez
6 America’s Love/Hate Relationship with Immigrants and OC Human Relations’ Voice for Understanding
Rusty Kennedy
7 Public Sociology in Action: The Struggle to Assist Undocumented Latin@ Youth
Eileen McNerney, CSJ
8 Revolution of the Heart: Assisting Migrants in Their Quest for Dignity
Patrick Murphy, CS
9 A Life’s Pursuit: The Journey to Higher Education of an Undocumented Student
Oliver Lopez
10 At the Partnership Table: Bridging Academia and Community through Horizontal Dialoguing
Suzanne SooHoo and Patricia Huerta

Conclusion: The Public Sociology Migrant Narrative
Rafael Luévano

All interested in the current dialogue, legislation, activism, religion and human rights as well as scholarship surrounding Latin@ immigrants in the United States.