A Virtual Chinatown

The Diasporic Mediasphere of Chinese Migrants in New Zealand


Author: Phoebe H. Li
What role does diasporic Chinese media play in the process of Chinese migrants' adaptation to their new home country? With China's rise, to what extent has the expansion of its "soft power" swayed the changing identities of the Chinese overseas? A Virtual Chinatown provides a timely and original analysis to answer such questions.

Using a media and communication studies approach to investigate the reciprocal relationship between Chinese-language media and the Chinese migrant community in New Zealand, Phoebe Li goes beyond conventional scholarship on the Chinese Diaspora as practised by social historians, anthropologists and demographers. Written in an accessible and reader-friendly manner, this book will also appeal to academics and students with interests in other transnational communities, alternative media, and minority politics.

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Phoebe H. Li received her Ph.D in 2010 from the University of Auckland, and is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at Tsinghua University in Beijing. She has published articles in both English and Chinese on the Chinese migrants in New Zealand.
"Part sociology, part history, and part media studies, Li’s book offers a fascinating window into modern migration and integration.[...] This is a book for anyone interested in the dynamics of contemporary Chinese migration and in many of the social impacts throughout the world of China’s economic and geopolitical rise."
Howard Duncan, Metropolis Project, Carleton University, Journal of Chinese Overseas, Vol. 10.1 (2014)
Chapter One Introduction
China’s New Wave of International Migration
New Zealand Local Contexts
New People, New Approach
Diasporic Chinese Media beyond New Zealand

Chapter Two Conceptualising New Zealand Chinese Media
Central Concepts
Towards an Analytical Framework

Chapter Three Revisting the History of New Zealand Chinese and Early Chinese Newspapers
Chinese Immigration: From Sojourners to Settlers
Early Chinese Newspapers
Rethinking Early Chinese Newspapers

Chapter Four New Chinese Immigrants and Contemporary New Zealand Chinese Media
New Zealand Chinese Media
A New Wave of Chinese Immigration
Making a PRC Chinese Community
PRC Chinese and Others’ Settlement
Evolution of New Chinese Media
The New Chinese Community in their Own Media

Chapter Five Ethnic Chinese Media during the 2005 New Zealand General Election
Research Design and Background Information
Phase 1: New Zealand Election in Chinese Media
Phase 2: Relationship between Chinese Media and Migrants
Phase 3: A Perspective from Media Personnel

Chapter Six Recent PRC Migrants in the Diasporic Mediasphere
New Zealand Politics in Ethnic Chinese Media
Recent PRC Migrants' Affinity with Conservative Parties
Patriotic Sentiment Towards China

Chapter Seven Conclusions
New Insight into the Chinese in New Zealand
Expansion of China's 'Soft Power'
Chinese Media as an 'Imagined Chinatown'

All interested in the Chinese Diaspora and other transnational communitites, alternative media, minority politics, and New Zealand general elections.