Brill's Companion to Aineias Tacticus 


Brill’s Companion to Aineias Tacticus is a collection of articles on the significance of the earliest Greek handbook on military tactics. Aineias’ (Aeneas) wrote his Poliorketika in the mid-fourth century BC, offering a unique perspective on contemporary Greek city-states, warfare and intellectual trends. We offer an introduction to Aineias and his work, and then discuss the work’s historical and intellectual context, his qualities as a writer, and aspects of his work as a historical source for the Greek polis of the fourth century BC. Several chapters discuss Aineias’ approach to warfare, specifically light infantry, mercenaries, naval operations, fortifications and technology. Finally, we include a lengthy study of the reception of ancient military treatises, specifically Aineias’ Poliorketika, in the Byzantine period.

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Maria Pretzler, D.Phil (Oxford, 1999) is Associate Professor in Ancient History at Swansea University. She has published on Pausanias and ancient travel ( Pausanias. Travel Writing in Ancient Greece, Duckworth 2007), Peloponnesian History and the Second Sophistic.

Nick Barley, Ph.d (Swansea, 2013) is a Teacher of Classics and History at King Edward VI College Stourbridge. He has published on warfare in Classical Greece, focusing on the use and development of light infantry.

Contributors are: Nick Barley, Marco Bettalli, Ben Gourley, Robin Lane Fox, Peter Liddel, Maria Pretzler, Philip Rance, Tracey Rihll, Jim Roy, Graham Shipley, Philip de Souza, José Vela Tejada, and David Whitehead.

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1 Introduction
Maria Pretzler and Nick Barley

2 The Other Aineias
David Whitehead

3 Aineias the Author—Who, Where and When?
Robin Lane Fox

4 Aineias Tacticus in His Intellectual Context
Graham Shipley

5 Aineias and History: The Purpose and Context of Historical Narrative in the Poliorketika
Maria Pretzler

6 Creating Koine: Aineias Tacticus in the History of the Greek Language
Jose Vela Tejada

7 Writing and Other Forms of Communication in Aineias’ Poliorketika
Peter Liddel

8 The Polis Falling Apart: Aineias Tacticus and Stasis
Maria Pretzler

9 Greek Poleis and Warfare in the IVth Century BC: Aineias’ Poliorketika
Marco Bettalli

10 Light Infantry and Leadership in Aineias
Nick Barley

11 Mercenaries in Aineias Tacticus
Jim Roy

12 Raiders from the Sea: The Maritime Context of the Poliorketika
Philip de Souza

13 ‘News from Home’: Aeneas Tacticus and Fourth-century Defense in Practice at Ancient Stymphalos
Ben Gourley

14 Simple and Complex Technology in Aineias: Ladders and Telegraphy
Tracey Rihll

15 Aineias Tacticus in Byzantine Military Literature
Philip Rance



Scholars, Students, warfare enthusiasts, all those interested in Aineias Tacticus, Classical Greek history, ancient warfare, Greek military writing, Greek city states, ancient didactic literature, Greek language.

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