The Age of Courtly Writing

Wen xuan Compiler Xiao Tong (501-531) and His Circle


Scholarship on Xiao Tong in both China and the West has paid little attention to his own writings beyond the influential anthology compiled by the Liang Crown Prince. Adopting a philological approach, this book thorougly examines a multitude of texts written by Xiao Tong and his entourage, many of whom were powerful writers in their own right. In addition to drawing a picture of important aspects of Liang court culture such as education, literary composition, personal relations, and ideological and religious trends, this study also redresses a long-standing bias against court poetry. It will enhance our understanding not only of the early sixth-century but also, indirectly, of a significant portion of pre-modern Chinese literature in general.
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Ping Wang, Ph.D. (2006) in Chinese Literature, University of Washington Seattle, is Assistant Professor of Chinese at Princeton University.


All those interested in Classical Chinese poetry, Six Dynasties history, Southern Dynasties court culture and literary history, as well as students and scholars of Chinese literature.


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