An Introduction to International Refugee Law

The book is designed to provide an overview of the development, meaning, and nature of international refugee law. The jurisprudence on the status of refugees, loss and denial of the refugees status, non-refoulement, asylum, problems and challenges of refugee protection, the law of return and the right of return, critical refugees and immigration law, and the role of international organizations in protection of refugees are revisited in the context of contemporary realities. The relationship between armed conflict, climate change, and human right violations induced refugees and the existing international refugee regime emerging will be succinctly highlighted and analysed in the book. This lucidly written and timely book will be immensely helpful to anyone grappling with the demonstrated inadequacies of international refugee law in real life situations today and desirous of the reorientation of its meaning and scope to cater for the changing needs and shared expectation of the international community in the 21st century.

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Rafiqul Islam is Professor of Law at Macquarie University, Australia. He has been an active legal academic and researcher and published extensively in various areas of public international law.

Md. Jahid Hossain Bhuiyan teaches law in the Department of Law, ASA University Bangladesh. During his higher studies in Belgium he gained experience in legal practice with the lawyers of European countries. He is co-editor of An Introduction to International Human Rights Law (MNP, 2010).
Preface; Dedication; About Editors; List of Contributors; International Legal Protection for Refugees: Articulating Challenges and Options;
Chapter One: The Origin and Evolution of International Refugee Law M Rafiqul Islam;
Chapter Two: Determination of the Status of Refugees: Analysis and Application Md Jahid Hossain Bhuiyan;
Chapter Three: Loss and Denial of Refugee Status Vanessa Bettinson;
Chapter Four: Protection of Refugees through the Principle of Non-Refoulement Md Jahid Hossain Bhuiyan;
Chapter Five: The Concept of Asylum in International Law Rebecca M. M. Wallace and Fraser A. W. Janeczko;
Chapter Six: Armed Conflicts and Protection of Refugees V. Seshaiah Shasthri;
Chapter Seven: Protection and International Cooperation in the International Refugee Regime Natalia Szablewska and Md Saiful Karim;
Chapter Eight: Climate Refugees and International Refugee Law M Rafiqul Islam;
Chapter Nine: The Role of International Organisations in the Protection of Refugees V. Seshaiah Shasthri;
Chapter Ten: The United Nations Security Council and Refugee Flows as ‘Threats to the Peace Gary Wilson;
Chapter Eleven: The Law of Return and the Right of Return Howard Adelman;
Chapter Twelve: Asylum, Refugee and Immigration Law Studies: A Critical Supplement Thanos Zartaloudis;
Chapter Thirteen: Human Rights of Refugees Archana Parashar;
Chapter Fourteen: The Protection of Women Refugees under the International Refugee Convention Avinash Govindjee; and Elijah Adewale Taiwo;
Chapter Fifteen: The Normative Framework for Children’s Rights in Refugee Situations Thoko Kaime;
The book will attract wide readership in international law, particularly students, lawyers, scholars, government officials, international and nongovernmental refugee organizations, refugee and human right activists, or law readers in general.
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