Theology and Science in the 14th Century

Three Questions on the Unity and Subalternation of the Sciences from John of Reading's Commentary on the Sentences. Introduction and Critical Edition



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'Future scholars will be in Livesey's debt for both his editions and the suggestiveness of his emerging thesis.'
André Goddu, Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences, 1990.

I. John of Reading and Florenece, BN Centrale, Conv. Soppr. D.IV.95
II. The Subalternation of the Sciences
1. Aristotle
2. Robert Grosseteste
3. Thomas Aquinas
4. Henry of Ghent
5. Richard Conington
6. John of Reading
III. The Unity of Science
1. Thomas Aquinas
2. Henry of Ghent
3. William Ockham
4. Peter Aureol
5. John of Reading

Johannes de Reading Scriptum in I Librum Sententiarum

Questio 6 An Theologia habet habitudinem subalternationis passive respectu alicuius scientie
Questio 7 Utrum Theologia habeat habitudinen subalternationis active ad alias scientias
Questio 10 Utrum Theologia sit scientia una

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