U.S. Trotskyism 1928-1965. Part III: Resurgence

Uneven and Combined Development. Dissident Marxism in the United States: Volume 4


U.S. Trotskyism 1928-1965. Part III: Resurgence: Uneven and Combined Development is the third of a documentary trilogy on a revolutionary socialist split-off from the U.S. Communist Party, reflecting Leon Trotsky’s confrontation with Stalinism in the global Communist movement. Spanning 1954 to 1965, this volume surveys the Cold War era, the civil rights and black liberation movements, the 'third wave' of feminism, and other social and cultural developments of the 1950s and 1960s. Documenting responses to a variety of anti-colonial and revolutionary insurgencies, the volume also surveys the crisis and decline of Stalinism. Attention is given to internal debates and splits, but also to the partial reunification of the international Trotskyist movement (the Fourth International), as well as substantial contributions to the study of history and the development of Marxist theory. Scholars and activists will find much of interest in these primary sources.

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Paul Le Blanc is Professor of History at La Roche College (Pittsburgh). He has written extensively on labour and social struggles, including A Short History of the U.S. Working Class (Prometheus Books, 1999), the acclaimed short biography Leon Trotsky (Reaktion Books, 2015), and most recently October Song: Bolshevik Triumph, Communist Tragedy, 1917-1924 (Haymarket Books, 2017).

Bryan Palmer is Professor of History at Trent University. His books include studies of British labour historian E.P. Thompson and U.S. Communist and Trotskyist leader James P. Cannon, and Revolutionary Teamsters: The Minneapolis Truckers’ Strikes of 1934 (Brill, 2013).
1 Introduction: a Party of Uneven and Combined DevelopmentPaul Le Blanc
2 New StirringsPaul Le Blanc  1 Jean Blake, ‘The Continuing Struggle for Negro Equality’  2 Murry Weiss, ‘McCarthyism: Key Issue in the 1954 Elections’  3 Evelyn Reed, ‘The Myth of Women’s Inferiority’  4 Marjorie McGowan, Jeanne Morgan, Joseph Hansen, ‘Debate on Cosmetics’  5 Harold Robins, ‘Automation – Menace or Promise?’  6 Murry Weiss, ‘The Vindication of Trotskyism’  7 James Robertson, ‘New Stage for the Youth’  8 Evelyn Sell, ‘Really Beat?’  9 James P. Cannon, ‘United Socialist Political Action in 1958’
3 New PathwaysPaul Le Blanc  1 Tim Wohlforth, ‘Youth Report to the SWP National Convention’  2 Francis James, ‘Africa’s Bid for Freedom’  3 Joseph Hansen, ‘Theory of the Cuban Revolution’  4 Hedda Grant (Hedda Garza), ‘Still a Man’s World’  5 Melba Baker (Melba Windoffer), ‘Women Who Work’  6 Myra Tanner Weiss, ‘Kennedy: The Candidate and the President’  7 Political Committee, ‘Preparing for the Next Wave of Radicalism in the United States’  8 Theodore Edwards (Edmund Kovacs), ‘Kennedy’s War in Vietnam’  9 Farrell Dobbs and Joseph Hansen, ‘Reunification of the Fourth International’  10 Evelyn Reed, ‘The Feminine Mystique’  11 James P. Cannon, ‘Triple Revolution: Political Implications and Program for Action’
4 Challenges of Black LiberationPaul Le Blanc  1 Lois Sanders, ‘The South’s Dilemma’  2 Fred Halstead, ‘The Jackson Freedom Ride’  3 George Breitman, ‘How a Minority Can Change Society’  4 Robert Vernon (Robert Des Verney), ‘Why White Radicals Are Incapable of Understanding Black Nationalism’  5 Socialist Workers Party, ‘Freedom Now: The New Stage in the Struggle for Negro Emancipation and the Tasks of the SWP  6 Richard Kirk (Richard S. Fraser), ‘Revolutionary Integrationism’  7 George Breitman, ‘Malcolm X: The Man and His Ideas’
5 Divergences and ConsolidationsPaul Le Blanc  1 Sam Marcy (Sam Ballan), ‘The Global Class War and the Destiny of American Labor’  2 V. Grey (Vincent Copeland), ‘China, Hungary, and the Marxist Method’  3 Tim Wohlforth, ‘Summing Up for Minority on World Movement’  4 James Robertson, ‘The Centrism of the SWP  5 Tim Wohlforth et al., ‘Call for the Reorganization of the Minority Tendency’  6 Richard Kirk and Clara Kaye (Richard Fraser and Clara Fraser), ‘Radical Laborism Versus Bolshevik Leadership’  7 Farrell Dobbs and George Novack, ‘The Organizational Character of the SWP
6 Debates and InterventionsPaul Le Blanc  1 Joseph Hansen, ‘Deutscher on Trotsky’  2 George Breitman and Joseph Hansen, ‘Exchange of Views on Deutscher Biography’  3 Arne Swabeck and John Liang (Frank Glass), ‘The Chinese Revolution – Its Character and Development’  4 Tom Kerry, ‘Maoism and the Neo-Stalin Cult’  5 James P. Cannon, ‘Don’t Strangle the Party’
7 History and TheoryBryan Palmer and Paul Le Blanc  1 Grace Carlson, ‘The Myth of Racial Superiority’  2 Joseph Hansen, ‘Hayek Pleads for Capitalism’  3 Harry Frankel (Harry Braverman), ‘Three Conceptions of Jacksonianism’  4 William F. Warde (George Novack), ‘A Suppressed Chapter in History’  5 William Gorman, ‘W.E.B. Du Bois and His Work’  6 Jean Simon (Jean Tussey), ‘Tom Paine – The Revolutionist’  7 George Breitman, ‘How Stalinism Will Be Ended’  8 Myra Tanner (Weiss), ‘Sternberg vs. Karl Marx’  9 Joyce Cowley, ‘Women Who Won the Right to Vote’  10 John G. Wright (Joseph Vanzler), ‘Feuerbach’  11 James P. Cannon, ‘Socialism and Intellectuals’  12 William F. Warde (George Novack), ‘Review of C. Wright Mills, The Marxists
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Scholars and activists interested in the history and ideas associated with the labor and socialist movements of the twentieth century, and in experiences associated with U.S. radicalism.
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