Cultural Foundations of Chinese Education


Cultural Foundations of Chinese Education describes the evolution of Chinese education for more than 5,000 years, and analyzes in depth its interaction with Chinese culture. From the Imperial Civil Examinations to the Western Learning; from the transplant of Western systems of education to the New Democratic Education Movement; from the copying of the Soviet experience in education to the explorations for approaches to establish new education in China since the Economic Reforms in the late 1970s, this book provides unique analyses on conflicting elements in Chinese education, and leads to the understanding of the issues in modernizing education in China.

With condensed and concentrated analyses on the process of historical evolution and the interactions between Chinese education and Chinese cultural traditions, this book can be used as a major reference for international readers to understand education in China from the perspective of cultural evolution.

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Gu Mingyuan, Ph.D. (1956), Moscow National Normal University, is the Distinguished Professor of Beijing Normal University. As a most eminent educationalist in China and with over 30 books and monographs and more than 600 papers over 60 years in his professional career, his educational thoughts have made significant impacts on teachers as well as education policy-makers at different levels.
"To any reader who is interested in Chinese education, this book is a gateway to the understanding of the Chinese path to the world from its own glorious past. This book surely provides us with a window through which we can see Chinese views of Chinese cultural traditions and its effects on education, as well as the Chinese perspectives on the world. If one wants to understand contemporary Chinese education, one needs to read this book to find its cultural roots." Limin Bai, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, 17.1
Series Editor Foreword Gerard A. Postiglione
Foreword Ruth Hayhoe
Preface for the English Edition Gu Mingyuan
Translators' Note

Chapter One Education and Culture
Chaper Two Chinese Culture and Its Characteristics
Chapter Three Categories, Characters, and Cardinal Spirit of Chinese Traditional Culture
Chapter Four Traditions of Chinese Education and Their Fundamental Characteristics
Chapter Five Influence of Traditional Chinese Culture on Chinese Education
Chapter Six Dissemination of Western Learning to the East and the Modernization of Chinese Education
Chapter Seven Influences on Chiense Education Exerted by Western Education Systems and Philosophies
Chapter Eight The Spreading of Marxism and the Establishment of Marxist Educational Thoughts in China
Chapter Nine Influences on Chinese Education Exerted by Soviet Education
Chapter Ten Reforms, Open Door Policies, and Diversification of Educational Thoughts
Chapter Eleven Conclusions: Explore Modernization of Chinese Education
All interested in the history of Chinese education and its interaction with Chinese culture tradition.
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