Chinatowns around the World

Gilded Ghetto, Ethnopolis, and Cultural Diaspora

The phenomenon of “Chinatown” has been of great interest to the general public as well as scholars. Movies and story books have made Chinatown to be exotic, mysterious, gangster filled, and sometimes, a gilded ghetto, an ethnopolis, a cultural diaspora as well as a model community. The authors of Chinatowns around the World seek to expose the social reality of Chinatowns with empirical data. The authors also examine the changing nature and functions of Chinatowns around the world while scrutinizing how factors emanating from larger societies and other external factors have shaped Chinatown development and transformation. The activities of the recent Chinese transnational migrants are also critically appraised.

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Bernard P. WONG (Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1974) is professor emeritus of anthropology and a Faculty Research Fellow of the Center of US-China Policy Studies, San Francisco State University. He has conducted fieldwork on the Chinese in Peru, the United States, Japan, the Philippines and France. He is the author of several scholarly books, many book chapters and journal articles on the Chinese in New York, San Francisco, Lima-Peru, Manila, and Silicon Valley.

TAN Chee-Beng (Ph.D. in Anthropology, Cornell University, 1979) is Distinguished Professor at the Department of Anthropology, Sun Yat-sen University. He has published on Chinese overseas and on Chinese communities in southern Fujian, covering ethnicity, food, religion and transnational networks.
"王保华教授(Bernard P. Wong)和陈志明教授(Tan Chee-Beng)都是华人研究领域中极有成就的资深学者,不仅了解华人的历史和现状,而且熟知研究唐人街的各种理论和观点。他们编辑的这本书可说是填补了这个领域的空白。[...]这是一本想了解全球华人历史与现状的必读书。"
刘海铭, 美国加州州立理工大学普莫纳分校亚洲与亚美研究系, 《华人研究国际学报》 第五卷 第二期 2013年12月 页111–114
Introduction Chinatowns around the World
Bernard Wong
Chapter One Vancouver Chinatown in Transition
Peter S. Li and Xiaoling Li
Chapter Two From Mott Street to East Broadway: Fuzhounese Immigrants and the Revitalization of New York's Chinatown
Kenneth J. Guest
Chapter Three The New Trends in American Chinatowns: The Case of the Chinese in Chicago
Huping Ling
Chapter Four Chinatown Sydney: A Window on the Chinese Community
Christine Inglis
Chapter Five The Chinatown in Peru and the Changing Peruvian Chinese Communities
Isabelle Lausent-Herrera
Chapter Six Chinatown Havana: One Hundered and Sixty Years below the Surface
Adrian H. Hearn
Chapter Seven Problematizing "Chinatowns": Conflicts and Narratives Surrounding Chinese Quarters in and around Paris
Chuang Ya-Han and Anne-Christine Trémon
Chapter Eight Chinatown-Lisbon? Portrait of a Globalizing Present over a National Background
Paula Mota Santos
Chapter Nine Ikebukuro Chinatown in Tokyo: The First "New Chinatown" in Japan
Yamashita Kiyomi
Chapter Ten Chinatowns: A Reflection
Tan Chee-Beng
All those who seek to understand the development and transformation of Chinatowns around the world and issues related to transnational migration, urban ethnicity, globalization, multiculturalism and cultural citizenship.
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