Religion and Social Conflict in South Asia


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" important to studies in sociology and social anthropology in India, Bangladesh and Śrī Lankā." L. Sternbach, Orientalistische Literaturzeitung, 1980. "All in all, a useful collection." Jeyaratnam Wilson, Pacific Affairs, 1978.
Religion, Social Conflict and the Problem of Identity in South Asia: An Interpretive Introduction, Bardwell L. Smith Dr. Bhimras Ramji Ambedkar: Rebel against Hindu Tradition, Balkrishna Govind Gokhale The Izhavas of Kerala and their Historic Struggle for Acceptance in the Hindu Society, Cyriac K. Pullapilly Religion and the Secular: Categories for Religious Conflict and Religious Change in Independent India, Robert D. Baird Dilemmas of Secularism in Bangladesh, Joseph T. O’Donnell Land, Personhood, and Sorcery in a Sinhalese Village, A.J. Selvadurai Aristocrats and Rituals in Contemporary Ceylon, H.L. Seneviratne Monastic and Lay Buddhism in the 1971 Sri Lanka Insurgency, Agehananda Bharati Index Contributors