Orthodox Christians and Islam in the Postmodern Age


The patristic, ecclesiological, and liturgical revival in the Orthodox Church has had a profound impact on world Orthodoxy and the ecumenical movement. Orthodox leaders have also contributed to the movement’s efforts in inter-religious dialogue, especially with Muslims. Yet this book is the first comprehensive attempt to assess an Orthodox ‘position’ on Islam. It explains why, despite being neighbors for centuries, relations between Orthodox Christians and Muslims have become increasingly complex as internal and external forces challenge their ability to understand each other and live in peace. It demonstrates how a growing number of Orthodox scholars and leaders have reframed the discussion on Islam, while endorsing and participating in dialogue with Muslims. It shows how a positive relationship with Muslims (and Islam in a general sense) is an essential aspect of Orthodox Christians’ historical past, present identity, and future aspirations.

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Andrew M. Sharp, Ph.D. (2010), University of Birmingham, teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University and was previously an instructor at the College of William and Mary. His writings have appeared in Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations and the Oxford Dictionary of Islam.
"This book is the latest in Brill's not inexpensive but certainly very substantial scholarly series History of Christian-Muslim Relations, a series that none who care about these encounters can afford to ignore. [...] let me encourage all who are interested in the topic to make sure to get a copy of this important book. We are, once more, in the debt of Brill for continuing to publish works in their very important and welcome series on the history of Christian-Muslim relations." – Dr. Adam DeVille, in: LOGOS: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies, 9 October 2012
"A new and welcome book, very cogently written, to which I previously drew brief attention, continues to help us understand the relationship between Orthodox Christians and Muslims." – Dr. Adam DeVille, in: LOGOS: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies, 2 November 2012
"This is a wise and thoughtful book. It is to be hoped that it will be read very widely." – Andrew Louth, University of Durham, in: Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations, 2013
All those interested in the modern history and theology of Orthodox Christianity, Muslim-Christian relations, Mediterranean and Eastern European studies, the role of religion in forming identity, and religion and politics.