The European Union's Emerging International Identity

Views from the Global Arena


The European Union officially acquired international legal personality with the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty. Since then, the constitutional foundations of EU external relations have received an ever-greater amount of scholarly attention. So far however, the body of knowledge has remained limited with regard to how the Union is actually being perceived on the global scene. Moreover, its dealings with other international organizations constitute a similar, still underexplored topic. The European Union's Emerging International Identity breaks new ground by addressing both these themes in combination. The resulting volume offers an innovative inquiry into the EU’s image and status, based on a select number of studies of its position and functioning within the framework of eight international organizations.

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Henri de Waele, Ph.D. (2009) in Law, Radboud University Nijmegen, is Associate Professor of European Law at Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands, and currently also serves as Guest Professor of European Institutional Law at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Jan-Jaap Kuipers, Ph.D (2011) in Law, European University Institute, is an Associate at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek in Amsterdam. He has published extensively on issues relating to civil cooperation within the European Union.
"[...]the book offers a comprehensive overview of the EU’s presence in the global arena. As mentioned on several occasions in the book itself, the analysis does not permit a far-reaching conclusions. However, this is an interesting read for those looking to get an overall view of the EU as an actor on the international scene [...].The title of the book therefore covers the subject well: the book describes the status quo of the EU’s identity in the international arena, mainly written from a legal perspective, and indeed, as the editors intended, provides an (at least partial) overview of the EU’s accomplishments in the eyes of others." Common Market Law Review, 2016

List of Contributors


Chapter 1 The Emerging International Identity of the European Union – Some Preliminary Observations
Henri de Waele and Jan-Jaap Kuipers

Chapter 2 Identity and Difference: The EU and the UN as Part of Each Other
Geert De Baere and Esa Paasivirta

Chapter 3 Arma fero, ergo sum? The European Union, NATO and the Quest for ‘European Identity’
Joris Larik

Chapter 4 EU Identity from the Perspective of the WTO – The Spillover Effects of the Union’s Internal Market in the International Trading Arena
Tamara Perišin

Chapter 5 Fraternal Twins: The European Union and the Council of Europe
Thomas Streinz

Chapter 6 The EU-ILO Partnership and the Global Identity of the Union’s Social Model
Rudi Delarue

Chapter 7 The European Union and the Hague Conference on Private International Law – Forced Marriage or Fortunate Partnership?
Jan-Jaap Kuipers

Chapter 8 The EU’s International Identity – The Curious Case of the OECD
Joren Verschaeve and Tamara Takács

Chapter 9 The EU and the IMF: The Financial Crisis as a Catalyst for a Stronger Union Representation?
Laura Puccio

Chapter 10 ‘Name Me Your Friends, and I Will Tell You Who You Are’ – The EU and its Member States in the Global Arena
Henri de Waele

The book offers scholars of EU law a novel analysis of the Union’s international identity. Moreover, the systematic analysis of the Union’s functioning in different external contexts constitutes an invaluable resource for public officials employed at various international organizations.
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