Urbanism and Urbanization

Views, Aspects and Dimensions


Editor: Noel Iverson

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Noel Iverson (b. 1933), Ph.D. University of Minnesota, is now Professor of Sociology at the University of New Brunswick (Canada). He has written articles on theory, comparative social-economics and social change. Author of Germania, U.S.A., he is presently co-authoring a monograph on native-white relations in Canadian society.
Introduction, Noel Iverson PART ONE: URBAN THEORY AND RESEARCH Theory of the City, Don Martindale Urban Sociology as a Field of Study, Peter McGahan PART TWO: ASPECTS OF URBANISM Engineering and Urbanism, Nels Anderson Race and the Urban System, John Rex Conservation and Dissolution in the Third World City; The ‘Shanty Town’ as an Element of Conservation, Terrence McGee PART THREE: DIMENSIONS OF URBANIZATIONS Urbanisation and the Welfare State, John F. Sleeman Social Transformation of the Strategic Institution of Caste in Urban India, Raj S. Gandhi Women and Work in Industrial Societies: Where We Are and Where We Are Going, Alice H. Cook Theoretical Challenge of World Urbanization, Noel Iverson Contributors Acknowledgments Index