Critical Readings on Japanese Confucianism (4 Vols. SET)


Critical Readings on Japanese Confucianism facilitates more in-depth and profound understandings of the many dimensions of Confucianism in Japan by bringing together important studies from the disciplines of history, philosophy, and religion, as well as important texts in translation. Volume one examines historical unfoldings of Japanese Confucianism as a stimulating array of intellectual expressions operative from the beginnings of Japanese literary culture through the present. Volume two explores philosophical approaches to Confucian ethics, metaphysics, and political thinking. Volume three reveals important religious and spiritual dimensions of Confucianism. Reinforcing these, the final volume presents several Japanese Confucian texts in translation. Overall the volumes offer a vision of Confucianism as a dynamic and multifaceted force in ongoing developments of Japanese culture.

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John A. Tucker, Ph.D. (1990), Columbia University, is Professor of Asian History at East Carolina University. He has translated two important Confucian texts, Itō Jinsai's Gomō jigi (Brill, 1996) and of Ogyū Sorai's Bendō and Benmei (2006, University of Hawaii).
Students of Japanese history and especially intellectual history. Also, those studying Confucianism as an East Asian intellectual force will find these volumes very helpful.
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