Civil Military Interaction in Asia and Africa


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The focus of this book is on the interaction between the civilian government and the military in Asian and African countries. The authors have gone to great lengths to provide an accurate analysis of both the advantages and the shortcomings of the respective countries' attempts to reach civil - military cooperation.
Each article provides the reader with the information necessary to make a preliminary judgement on the efficiency of the given country's ability to achieve harmony between their government and their military.

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E-Book (PDF)
Charles H. Kennedy and David J. Louscher, Civil-Military Interaction: Data in Search of a Theory
Sumit Ganguly, From the Defense of the Nation to Aid to the Civil: The Army in Contemporary India
Hasan-Askari Rizvi, The Military and Politics in Pakistan
Craig Baxter and Syedur Rahman, Bangladesh Military: Political Institutionalization and Economic Development
Steven Thomas Seitz, The Military in Black African Politics
Robert Griffiths, The South African Military: The Dilemmas of Expanded Influence in Decision-Making
Donald K. Crone, Military Regimes and Social Justice in Indonesia and Thailand
Norman A. Graham, The Role of the Military in the Political and Economic Development of the Republic of Korea
Wei-chin Lee, Iron and Nail: Civil-Military Relations in the People's Republic of China
sociologists and social anthropologists, and all those interested in Asian and African government and military.
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