Nature, Environment and Culture in East Asia

The Challenge of Climate Change


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Since in the current global environmental and climate crisis East Asia will play a major role in negotiating solutions, it is vital to understand East Asian cultural variations in approaching and solving environmental challenges in the past, present, and future. The interdisciplinary volume Nature, Environment and Culture in East Asia. The Challenge of Climate Change, edited by Carmen Meinert, explores how cultural patterns and ideas have shaped a specific understanding of nature, how local and regional cultures develop(ed) coping strategies to adapt to environmental and climatic changes in the past and in the present and how various institutions and representatives might introduce their ideas and agendas in future environmental and climate policies on national levels and in international negotiating systems.

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Carmen Meinert, Dr. phil. (2001), is Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (KWI) in Essen. Her field of research covers Chinese and Tibetan religious history, Buddhist studies, and cultural perspectives on environmental and climate change.
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Introduction: Climate and Culture in East Asia - Carmen Meinert

Chinese ‘Unity of Man and Nature’: Reality or Myth? - Heiner Roetz
Ideas in Daoism Relative to Ecology and the Environment - Paul Jackson
Environmental Concern: Can Humans Avoid Being Partial? - Epistemological Awareness in the Zhuangzi - Karyn Lai
Of Eco-Buddhas and Dharma-Roots: Views from the East Asian Buddhist Tradition - Henrik H. Sørensen

A Retrospection of Climate Changes and their Impacts in Chinese History - Ts’ui-jung Liu
Manipulating the Yellow River and the State Formation of the Northern Song Dynasty - Ling Zhang

Water Diversion Between Offfijicial Rhetoric and the Drive to Dominate Nature - Miriam Seeger
Chinese Environmental Movements: Civil Society Discourses on Climate Change and Environmental Protection - Nora Sausmikat
‘From Worse to Better’: Anti-Desertifijication Policies on the Tibetan Plateau in the Past Decades - Carmen Meinert & Christian Gudehus
From Ascetic to Activist: Jiyul Sunim’s Korean Buddhist Ecomovement - Eun-su Cho

Killing Three Birds with One Stone: Possibilities of Achieving Environmental Success in Conforming Societies—What Japanese Experiences May Suggest to China - Takashi Kanatsu
Environmental Think Tanks in Japan and South Korea: Trailblazers or Vicarious Agents? - Alexander Ruser
Energy and Climate Change in China - Carlo Carraro & Emanuele Massetti

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All interested in an interdisciplinary approach to understand cultural patterns of nature conceptions, and environmental and climate change in past, present and future in East Asia.
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