Text, Image, and Otherness in Children's Bibles

What Is in the Picture?


Children’s Bibles are often the first encounter people have with the Bible, shaping their perceptions of its stories and characters at an early age. The material under discussion in this book not only includes traditional children’s Bibles but also more recent phenomena such as manga Bibles and animated films for children. The book highlights the complex and even tense relationship between text and image in these Bibles, which is discussed from different angles in the essays. Their shared focus is on the representation of “others”—foreigners, enemies, women, even children themselves—in predominantly Hebrew Bible stories. The contributors are Tim Beal, Ruth B. Bottigheimer, Melody Briggs, Rubén R. Dupertuis, Emma England, J. Cheryl Exum, Danna Nolan Fewell, David M. Gunn, Laurel Koepf, Archie Chi Chung Lee, Jeremy Punt, Hugh S. Pyper, Cynthia M. Rogers, Mark Roncace, Susanne Scholz, Jaqueline S. du Toit, and Caroline Vander Stichele.

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Caroline Vander Stichele is Universitair Docent (Lecturer) in Religious Studies at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam. She is the co-author of Contextualizing Gender in Early Christian Discourse: Thinking beyond Thecla (T&T Clark) and co-editor of Mapping Gender in Ancient Religious Discourses (Brill). Hugh S. Pyper is Professor of Biblical Interpretation at the University of Sheffield. He is the author of An Unsuitable Book: The Bible as Scandalous Text (Sheffield Phoenix) and David as Reader: 2 Samuel 12:1–15 and the Poetics of Fatherhood (Brill).
Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction Caroline Vander Stichele and Hugh S. Pyper Part 1: Identifying the Strange Other Inside Out: The Othered Child in the Bible for Children Laurel Koepf “All God’s Children”: Authority Figures, Places of Learning, and Society as the Other in Creationist Children’s Bibles Jaqueline S. du Toit Looking into the Lions’ Den: Otherness, Ideology, and Illustration in Children’s Versions of Daniel 6 Hugh S. Pyper The Other in South African Children’s Bibles: Politics and (Biblical) Systems of Othering Jeremy Punt Veggies, Women, and Other Strangers in Children’s Bible DVDs: Toward the Creation of Feminist Bible Films Susanne Scholz Part 2: Learning How to Deal with the Other No Greater Love: Jonathan and His Friendship with David in Text, Tradition, and Contemporary Children’s Literature Cynthia M. Rogers and Danna Nolan Fewell The Word Became Visual Text: The Boy Jesus in Children’s Bibles Melody Briggs Depiction of the Devil and the Education of Chinese Children: The Bible in the Taiping Trimetrical Classic Archie Chi Chung Lee Conflating Creation, Combining Christmas, and Ostracizing the Other Mark Roncace Part 3: Destroying the Other “The Water’s Round My Shoulders, and I’m—GLUG! GLUG! GLUG!”: God’s Destruction of Humanity in the Flood Story for Children Emma England Samson’s Suicide and the Death of Three Thousand Others in Children’s Bible Stories through Two Centuries David M. Gunn Translating the Bible into Pictures Rubén R. Dupertuis Samson’s Hair and Delilah’s Despair: Reanimating Judges 16 for Children Caroline Vander Stichele Responses Children’s Bibles Hot and Cold Timothy Beal The Otherness of Children’s Bibles in Historical Perspective Ruth B. Bottigheimer What Does a Child Want? Reflections on Children’s Bible Stories J. Cheryl Exum Contributors Index of Biblical Citations Index of Modern Authors and Artists ........................................................357