Canada and South Asian Development

Trade and Aid


Editor: Choudhry

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N.K. Choudhry, Introduction N.K. Choudhry, E.U. Choudhry, The pattern of trade between Canada and South Asia: change or continuity? C.D. Wadhva, Canada-South Asia Trade relations with special reference to Canada-India relations R. Thakkar, Factor content of Canadian trade with South Asia, 1960-1980 A. Weston, Barriers to trade between Canada and South Asia K.A.J. Hay, Aid to South Asia in the 1980's: Canada's role and some implications for trade D. Henry, Technology transfer, old myths and new realities K.L. Dalal, Transfer of technology between Canada and India: appropriateness, impediments and opportunities M.C. Bhatt, Canada-India investment promotion and transfer of technology with special reference to the role of joint ventures in retrospect and prospect M. Anam, S.S. Rahman, Economic integration in South Asia: an exploratory analysis in trade, investment and finance.