Studies in the New Testament, Volume 6 Jesus among Biblical Exegetes

This, the sixth and final volume of Derrett's Studies in the New Testament, includes a Concordance to the 103 studies of the set. It gives further examples of the use of Hebrew scripture, halakha, and haggada by Paul, the evangelists, and putatively by Jesus himself.
Examples are given of a responsible use of Jewish materials to convey as well as to advertise the gospel.
The lifestyle which is promoted is widely claimed to be a form of Judaism. The studies in this set of volumes permit the suspicion that it cannot be comprised within any established definition of Judaism.


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Biographical Note

J. Duncan M. Derrett, D.D., London (1983), Emeritus Professor of Oriental Laws, University of London, has been publishing since 1960 on the New Testament.

Review Quotes

' ...the collection is [...] important for anyone interested in rabbinical hermeneutics and midrash relating to formative Christianity.' Fred W. Burnett, Religious Studies Review, 1996.


All those, especially doctoral students, concerned with biblical theology; the New Testament; Jesus' teaching-technique; Paul's use of scripture; law, lore, and ethics; and hasidism.