Images of Familial Intimacy in Eastern and Western Art


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Images of Familial Intimacy in Eastern and Western Art offers a comparative art and socio-historical analysis of selected images of familial intimacy in Asia and Europe from the pre-modern era to the present day based on an examination of the value systems and expectations existing at the time in the regions in which the works were created.

A wide variety of images are discussed ranging from family portraits and depictions of the home in seventeenth-century Dutch genre paintings, ukiyoe prints and fusuma sliding wall panels of the Edo period, to familial images made after the Korean War of 1950-53, providing the reader with a rare insight into the evolution East and West of the cultural norms and customs impacting on the family and personal space.

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Nakamura Toshiharu, Ph.D. (2005), Kyoto University, is Professor of Art History at that university. He has published monographs and many articles on Dutch and Flemish paintings of the seventeenth century, including Peter Paul Rubens: Between Art and Politics (Sangensha, 2006).
Preface ... vii
List of Contributors ... ix
List of Figures ... x

1. An Introduction to Interpreting Images of Family, Mother and Child, and the Home ... 1
Nakamura Toshiharu
2. Faith, Family and Politics in Lucas Cranach the Elder’s Holy Kinship Altarpiece ... 54
Hirakawa Kayo
3. Domestic Bliss? Images of the Family and Home in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Genre Art ... 83
John Loughman
4. Changing Images of Childhood: The Children’s Portrait in Netherlandish Art and Its Influence ... 108
Mirjam Neumeister
5. Man and Woman in Ise monogatari-e: Scene Selection in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century ... 132
Yasuda Atsuo
6. Karako Asobi: Images of Chinese Children at Play ... 185

7. The Development of the Doll Festival as Seen in Paintings: Focusing on Edo Period Family Actions ... 218
Miyazaki Momo
8. Images of Children in Modern Art in Taiwan: Public Messages Concealed in Private Depictions ... 249
Li Su-chu
9. Images of the Family in 1950s Korea: The Family as a Metaphor for Repose ... 287
Kim Yisoon

Bibliography ... 313
Photo Credits and Sources ... 345
Index ... 347
All interested in art history, socio-history, sociology and Asian and European studies, and all those concerned with the interpretation of images in the historical context.
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