Click Consonants


Click Consonants is an indispensable volume for those who want to understand the linguistics of clicks. Contributions include cutting edge research on the phonetic and phonological characteristics of clicks, as well as on sound changes involving clicks, and clicks in perception, in L2 acquisition, and in apraxia of speech.

Contributors are Wm. G. Bennett, Catherine T. Best, Hilde Gunnink, Dan Dediu, E.D. Elderkin, Anne-Maria Fehn, Sean Fulop, Florian Lionnet, Timothy K. Mathes, Kirk Miller, Scott Moisik, Michael Proctor, Bonny Sands, Signal Analysis and Interpretation Laboratory (SAIL) members (Adam Lammert, Asterios Toutios, Shrikanth Narayanan, Yinghua Zhu), Mollie Steyn, Anita van der Merwe, Richard Wright.

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Bonny Sands, Ph.D. (1995), University of California, Los Angeles, is an adjunct at Northern Arizona University. An expert on the historical linguistics and phonetics of African languages, she has done field work in on click languages in five different countries.
"[F]or those wanting an in-depth look at many of the issues regarding clicks, including some in-depth case studies of individual languages, this volume will be a very useful place to look." ~ Michael Cahill, (Ph.D., Ohio State University), on Linguist List 32.2603 (August, 2021).
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1 Click Consonants: an Introduction
Bonny Sands

2 Click Phonology
Wm. G. Bennett

3 The Interaction between Click Consonants and Tone in Tsua
Timothy K. Mathes

4 Click Loss and Click Insertion in Fwe
Hilde Gunnink

5 Perception of Non-native Click Consonant Contrasts: Implications for Theories of Speech Perception
Catherine T. Best

6 Studying Clicks Using Real-Time MRI
Michael Proctor, Yinghua Zhu, Adam Lammert, Asterios Toutios, Bonny Sands, and Shrikanth Narayanan

7 Recording and Measuring Acoustic Attributes of Clicks
Sean Fulop and Richard Wright

8 Nasalized Accompaniments in Proto-Khoe and in Khwe
E.D. Elderkin

9 Click Loss in Khoe-Kwadi
Anne-Maria Fehn

10 Click Replacement and Loss in Ju
Anne-Maria Fehn

11 Production of Click Sounds in Acquired Apraxia of Speech: a View to the Motoric Nature of the Disorder
Anita van der Merwe and Mollie Steyn

12 The ArtiVarK Click Study: Documenting Click Production and Substitution Strategies by Learners in a Large Phonetic Training and Vocal Tract Imaging Study
Scott Moisik and Dan Dediu

13 Notes on Child Acquisition of Clicks in Hadza
Kirk Miller

14 Paralinguistic Use of Clicks in Chad
Florian Lionnet

15 False Alarms: Spurious Reports of Click Consonants
Kirk Miller

All interested in phonetics and phonology, as well as anyone interested in learning more about click languages or the linguistic prehistory of Africa.
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