He Has Opened Nisaba's House of Learning

Studies in Honor of Åke Waldemar Sjöberg on the Occasion of His 89th Birthday on August 1st 2013


In He has Opened Nisaba’s House of Learning twenty-six scholars honor Åke Sjöberg, professor emeritus of Assyriology at the University of Pennsylvania and former editor of the Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary. The twenty-one studies included focus on Mesopotamian wisdom literature, religious texts, cultural concepts, the history of writing, material culture, society, and law from the invention of writing to the Hellenistic period. The volume includes editions of several previously unpublished texts.

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Leonhard Sassmannshausen, (DPhil, 1996, University of Tübingen), is lecturer of Ancient Near Eastern Studies.
Bibliography of Åke Sjöberg 1991-2006
Chapter One: Listen to the Roaring Ox: K 7674+, On Some Proverbial Sayings from the Neo-Assyrian Period. Studies in Bilingual Proverbs III Bendt Alster
Chapter Two : IAS 298 und IAS 328 Josef Bauer
Chapter Three : Vizir, concubine, entonnoir … Comment lire et comprendre le signe SAL.ḪUB2? Antoine Cavigneaux, Frans Wiggermann
Chapter Four: A New Piece of an Inanna/Dumuzi Lamentation Mark E. Cohen
Chapter Five : Diorite and Limestone: A Sumerian Perspective Benjamin Foster
Chapter Six: Slaves and Strangers William W. Hallo
Chapter Seven: Two Lullabies Margaret Jaques
Chapter Eight: Zum altassyrischen Eherecht Burkhart Kienast
Chapter Nine: The ”Stars (of) Heaven” and Cuneiform Writing Jacob Klein, Yitschak Sefati
Chapter Ten: The Rejected Sheep Erle Leichty, Ann Guinan
Chapter Eleven : Un modèle culturel sumérien: l’élevage Henri Limet
Chapter Twelve: Zur Archäologie der Schrift: Die Erfindung des Rebusprinzips in protoschriftlicher Zeit Ludwig D. Morenz
Chapter Thirteen: Überlegungen zu den „Graeco-Babyloniaca“ Joachim Oelsner
Chapter Fourteen: Die kassitischen Herrscher und ihre Namen Leonhard Sassmannshausen
Chapter Fifteen: Dumuzi(d)s Wiederkehr? Gebhard Selz
Chapter Sixteen: (TS)Š 302, eine Importtafel aus Uruk in Šuruppak? Horst Steible, Fatma Yıldız
Chapter Seventeen: Four and a half “Quasi-Hüllentafeln” Karel Van Lerberghe, Gabriella Voet
Chapter Eighteen: The Sumerian Debate Poems: A General Presentation, part III Herman Vanstiphout
Chapter Nineteen: The Early Dynastic Kiš Tradition Niek Veldhuis
Chapter Twenty: The Ear and its Wisdom Joan Goodnick Westenholz
Chapter Twenty-One: Dreams as Gods and Gods in Dreams. Dream-Realities in Ancient Mesopotamia from the 3rd to the 1st Millennium B.C. Annette Zgoll
All interested in Mesopotamian culture, literature, religion, history, law, and intellectual history.
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