Patterns of Daily Prayer in Second Temple Period Judaism


In Patterns of Daily Prayer in Second Temple Period Judaism, Jeremy Penner seeks to uncover the historical and social processes that underlie the origins and development of Jewish daily prayer practices, particularly the establishment of set times for daily prayer. Since daily prayer lacks explicit biblical warrant, this book seeks to explain how this custom was legitimized as divinely inspired. The importance of daily prayer was understood and experienced within a range of literary and social contexts, and thus different exegetical and etiological strategies develop at this time to legitimize its practice. In some cases daily prayer was coordinated with, and made analogous to, daily cultic sacrifice, in other cases, daily prayer was legitimized by identifying the origins of the practice in sacred scripture. Lastly, in some contexts daily prayer was coordinated with the cycles of celestial bodies in the heavens.

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Jeremy Penner, Ph.D. (2010), McMaster University, is a Post-doctoral Fellow at KU Leuven. His latest publication is the Eileen Schuller Festschrift published in the STDJ series (2012).
1. Review of Scholarship
2. Patterns of Daily Prayer in Second Temple Period Judaism: a Way Forward

Chapter One: Sacrifice and Daily Prayer
1. Introduction
2. Spontaneous Prayer and Times of Sacrifice
3. Descriptions of Times of Prayer in the Psalms
4. Daily Prayer in the Temple
5. The Influence of the Temple in the Development of Daily Fixed Prayer
6. Conclusions

Chapter Two: Scripture and Daily Prayer
1. Introduction
2. Letter of Aristeas §158–160
3. Josephus, Ant. 4.212
4. 1QS X 10, 13–14
5. Conclusions

Chapter Three: Luminary Cycles and Daily Prayer
1. Introduction
2. 4Q504, 4Q506
3. 4Q503
4. 4Q408
5. Conclusions
Chapter Four: The Liturgical Calendar at 1QHa XX 7–14a and 1QS IX 26b-X 8a
1. Introduction
2. 1QHa XX 7-14a
3. 1QS IX 26b-X 8a
4. The Redaction of the Calendar At 1QHa XX 7-14a And 1QS IX 26b-X 8a
5. The Calendar at 1QHa XX 7-14a and 1QS IX 26b-X 8a and the Daily Life of the Qumran
6. Conclusions

Chapter Five: Nocturnal Prayer
1. Introduction
2. The Influence of Cosmology on Prayer
3. Prayers for Protection
4. Nocturnal Praise
5. 4Q334: A Liturgy for Praise or Protection?
6. Conclusions
For those interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the related literature relevant to study of the origins and development of Jewish prayer practices.
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