Claude Pajon (1626–1685) and the Academy of Saumur

The First Controversy over Grace


This is the first published monograph on Claude Pajon (1626-1685), the theologian at the origin of the greatest doctrinal controversy within the French Protestant camp in the mid to late seventeenth century. Drawing on manuscript sources, this study examines Pajon’s thought and its origins, and traces the nature and course of the first phase of controversy (1665-1667). It demonstrates that the conflict opposed Pajon as a ‘radical’ Cameronian over against the ‘moderates,’ with each party claiming to represent the true theological heritage of John Cameron (ca. 1579-1625), as proposed by Paul Testard (ca. 1596-1650) and Moïse Amyraut (1596-1664), respectively. The result is a new look on the theology of the academy of Saumur, and on the history of this institution.

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Albert Gootjes, Ph.D. (2012) in Historical Theology, Calvin Theological Seminary, has authored several articles on seventeenth-century French Protestantism. He is also the translator of numerous scholarly articles and books, and an executive board member of the Post Reformation Digital Library.
All those interested in intellectual history, theology, and the history of the church, as well as specialists of French Protestantism and the academy of Saumur.
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