Brill's Companion to Thucydides (2 vol. set)


This volume on Thucydides, the most important historian of the ancient world, comprises articles by thirty leading international scholars.
The contributions cover a wide range of issues, including Thucydides’ life, intellectual milieu and predecessors, Thucydides and the act of writing, his rhetoric, historical method and narrative techniques, narrative unity in the History, the speeches, Thucydides’ reliability as a historian, and his legacy through the centuries. Other topics dealt with include warfare, religion, individuals, democracy and oligarchy, the invention of political science, Thucydides and Athens, Sparta, Macedonia/Thrace, Sicily/South Italy, Persia, and the Argives.
The volume aims to provide a survey of current trends in Thucydidean studies which will be of interest to all students of ancient history.

Brill's Companion to Thucydides was awarded Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2007 .

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Antonios Rengakos is Professor of Greek Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has published on Homer, Greek Historiography, and Hellenistic Poetry, including Form und Wandel des Machtdenkens der Athener bei Thukydides (1987), Der Homertext und die hellenistischen Dichter (1993), and Apollonios Rhodios und die antike Homererklärung (1994). He also co-edited A Companion to Apolllonius Rhodius (Brill 2001). Antonis Tsakmakis (Ph.D. Munich 1991) is Associate Professor of Greek Literature at the Department of Classical Studies and Philosophy, University of Cyprus. His research interests are Greek Historiography, Comedy, the Sophists, and Archaic Lyric Poetry, and his publications include Thukydides über die Vergangenheit (1995). Ηe also co-edited a volume on Aristophanes Birds (Athens 1996). He is a member of the Interim Governing Board of the Open University of Cyprus.
" The editors of this book should be congratulated on successfully encompassing [these] varied interests. [..]The high quality of the essays and their attempts to go beyond traditional Thucydidean scholarship are commendable." J. Roisman, Choice, 2007 " .. an extremely rich avolume with very original contributions." Prof. D. Iakov in TO VIMA, April 2007. " Ein imposantes, mit Bibliographie und Indizes (...) vorbildlich ausgestattetes Opus..." Mischa Meier in Historische Zeitschrift April 2008.
All those interested in Ancient History, political philosophy, as well as classical philologists.