Rotuli Parisienses (2 vols.)

Supplications to the Pope from the University of Paris, Volume III: 1378-1394


This volume continues the edition of the rotuli, or lists of benefice supplications, sent to the papacy by masters, bachelors, and students at the University of Paris in the fourteenth century. It specifically covers the pontificate of the Avignon pope Clement VII (1378-1394). It also contains letters of provision, in abbreviated form, that resulted from those petitions, along with a large number of supplications from individual Parisian scholars either submitted independently or, more frequently, through another sponsor. In contrast to earlier papal beneficial policy, Pope Clement responded favorably to many petitions from students in the faculty of arts at Paris, some of them in the beginning years of their undergraduate education. Thus, in addition to providing important information on Parisian scholars and papal beneficial policy in the early years of the Papal Schism, it documents a portion of the university community otherwise invisible, namely undergraduate students, and reveals the connections between Parisian scholars and social and ecclesiastical patrons at the end of the fourteenth century. The book concludes with an index of the names of scholars and patrons as well as a place-name index locating the parish and collegiate churches mentioned in the texts. Along with the two earlier volumes, this edition represents the largest body of new documentation for the pre-fifteenth century University to appear since the publication of the Chartularium Universitatis Parisiensis at the end of the nineteenth century.

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William J. Courtenay, Ph.D. (1967), Harvard, is the Charles Homer Haskins and Hilldale Professor Emeritus of Medieval History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has published extensively in the areas of medieval intellectual history and the history of universities. Among his books are Parisian Scholars in the Early Fourteenth Century (Cambridge, 1999), Ockham and Ockhamism (2008), and Rotuli Parisienses, vols. I and II (2002, 2004).
Eric D. Goddard, Ph.D. (2009) University of Wisconsin-Madison, is Assistant Professor of History at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. His publications include Rotuli Parisienses: Supplications to the Pope from the University of Paris. Volume II: 1352-1378 (2004) and “The Myth of Parisian Scholars' Opposition to the System of Papal Provision (1378-1408)" in History of Universities 24 (2009).
Latin Abbreviations ... ix
Abbreviations in Notes ... xiii

1 Rotuli from the University of Paris, 1378–1379 ... 13
2 Provisions to Parisian Scholars Dated 21 November 1378 ... 19
3 The Second University Rotulus (11 October 1382) ... 21
4 The Third University Rotulus (31 July 1387) ... 22
5 Ratio editionis ... 24
6 Acknowledgements ... 28

CLEMENT VII, 1378–1379
Rotulus magistrorum collegii Sorbone Parisius ... 31
Rotulus [primus] nationis Gallicane in universitate Parisien. ... 37
Rotulus [1] nuntiorum universitatis Parisien. ... 96
Rotulus [primus] universitatis Parisien. (1379) ... 100 [Articuli communes] ... 100
Rotulus supplicationum magistrorum in facultate theologie ... 105
Rotulus supplicationum doctorum in decretis ... 116
Rotulus facultatis medicine ... 127
Rotulus facultatis artium Parisien. ... 138
Rotulus [secundus] nationis Gallicane ... 139
Rotulus nationis Picardie ... 186
Rotulus nationis Normanorum ... 228
Rotulus nationis vocate Anglicane ... 295
Rotulus [2] nuntiorum scolarium universitatis Parisien. ... 302
Rotulus licentiatorum et bacallariorum in iure canonico et civili universitatis Parisien. ... 304
Rotulus quorumdam licentiatorum, bacallariorum ac scolarium universitatis Parisien. ... 363
Rotulus bacallariorum et scolarium in artibus studii Parisien. ... 367
Nuntii of Parisian Bachelors in Arts ... 419
Rotulus plurimum magistrorum, doctorum, licentiatorum,
bacallariorum et scolarium de universitate Parisien. ... 420
Rotulus in theologie, medicine et artium facultatibus graduatorum ... 455
Rotulus pauperum studentium in studio Parisien. et quorumdam aliorum ... 468
Rotulus [3] nuntiorum universitatis Parisien. ... 471
Rotulus aliquorum de universitate Parisien. per card. Ebredunen. presentatus ... 475
Rotulus Johannis de Sanctis, nuntii universitatis Parisien. ... 477
Provisions to Parisian Scholars dated 21 Nov. 1378 (11 kal. dec. an. 1) ... 484

CLEMENT VII, 1379–1394
Rotuli reformationum ... 505
Rotulus reformationum de rotulo universitatis Parisien. (c. 1380) ... 505
Rotulus reformationum rotuli bacallariorum universitatis Parisien. (1380) ... 505
Provisions in Response to the Second Rotulus of the University of Paris (1382) ... 507
Rotulus nuntiorum universitatis Parisien. (1385) ... 551
Rotulus universitatis Parisien. presentatus per dom. Walterum Trayl (1385) ... 553
Rotulus [tertius] universitatis Parisien. (1387) ... 569
[Articuli communes] ... 569
Rotulus magistrorum regentium facultatis theologie ... 572
Rotulus facultatis decretorum ... 580
Rotulus facultatis medicine ... 587
Rotulus facultatis artium ... 595
Rotulus nationis Gallicane ... 596
Rotulus nationis Picardie ... 641
Rotulus nationis Normannorum ... 664
Rotulus nationis Anglicane ... 721
Rotulus domus collegiate Choleti (1387) ... 725
Rotulus pauperum clericorum presentatus ex parte nuntiorum universitatis Parisien. (1387) ... 734
Rotulus presentatus per nuntios universitatis Parisien. (1388) ... 736
Rotulus facultatis theologie Parisien. (1389) ... 742
Rotulus doctorum in decretis universitatis Parisien. (1392) ... 745

Appendix (A–I) ... 751
Appendix (J–N) ... 824
Appendix (O–Y) ... 919

Bibliography ... 975
Manuscripts ... 975
Printed Sources ... 975
Biographical Registers ... 976
Secondary Literature ... 977
List of Errata to Volumes I and II ... 979
Index of Persons ... 981
Index of Place Names ... 1033
List of Modern Place Names ... 1127
The primary market will be libraries of research universities around the world, research institutes in Europe, and most libraries with manuscript or pre-modern research collections. Secondary but important markets will be scholars working in history of universities and the University of Paris; late medieval social history; French history; church history for the European Continent; local church history, especially in France; the history of the papacy; and medieval intellectual history.
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